MV Monday: Four Five, The Sound Stage Awards, Underhand Noise, JUE Festival


Have no idea how this week is going to play out due to APEC, but I’ve got clear skies – so consider me a happy camper. This was one of the first weekends I didn’t make it out to a show and thus, I’m feeling a bit fatigue. Only medicine – cram as many videos into my cornea as possible. This week we’ve got a recap from both Split Works’ spring JUE Festival, the recent Sound Stage Awards, as well as new MVs from Underhand Noise and Four Five. Have a look.

That’s one way to wake your ass up this lazy Monday – ‘Through The Darkness’ – the newest song from Four Five, the Beijing deathcore group that’s been combines strong metal riffs with hardcore progressive beats. The band has been picking up steam the past few years and if their recent jump to Modern Sky is any indication, they’re about to get a lot bigger. Love the tripped out, descent into intergalactic hell that’s been dreamt up here – wait did they just steal from The Fountain? Almost had guys, almost had me.

As Split Works preps (and courts potential international artists) for their next JUE Festival, they have released this sexy piece of promotional material put together by Redscale Studios in Shanghai recapping the city-wide, multi-facetted festival. Pretty dope. Maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of yourself partaking.

The Sound Stage hosted their second annual awards a week back and it was a grand ol’ time (cough five yuan Heineken cough) featuring plenty of back patting, beer chugging, and of course music from some of the program’s favorite bands. Check out the recap here which features a brand spanking new song from Residence A. Look closely enough and you can see me lurking.

Underhand Noise, the power morphing blend of Noise Arcade and Guiguisuisui, is all over this music video thing as of late. Their latest MV is for ‘Beijing Metro’ which takes everything that grates you about taking the subway and turns it up to fifty. Ugh, not looking forward to taking the subway later today now.

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