MV Monday: 16 mins, Voodoo Kungfu, Ultimate Dance Crew


Time to melt those eyeballs of yours into oblivion with some selfies, reggae grooves, and the return of one of Beijing’s most feral performers. Yup, it’s MV Monday with the latest from 16 mins, Ultimate Dance Crew, and Voodoo Kungfu.

You hear the guy that invented the selfie stick is getting a Nobel Peace Prize or something. Well, he\’s earned it. Used by countless selfie fanatics, from obese Disneyland tourists to dare devil urban climbers, the selfie stick has become a household item at this point. Getting in on the craze are Beijing alt rock trio 16 mins, fresh off the release of their debut (read my take here). Their MV for ‘Stars Light The Lamp 星星点灯’ is simply that, the three band members strolling about the streets of Germany, acting ecstatic about their new selfie stick I can only assume. Super adorable. Adorable song too.


Ultimate Dance Crew is one of those bands whose name has always bewildered me. Ridiculously simplistic, vague, and redundant all at once – it’s a name that defines explanation. And also the name of longstanding Beijing reggae outfit who have played just about reggae jam in town in the past five years. Also, a pretty stellar website. The band is set to release their debut album this Saturday at Temple and to get the hype machine rolling, they’ve released a MV for their first single, ‘Love Remains To Be’. And it very much fits the band’s (arguably) tacky yet completely earnest sound. It feels almost home made for a KTV joint. On top of that there’s this super retro ‘release party promo’– which looks like it come out in 1999. I’m envious of these guys at this point. Must know more.


Remember Voodoo Kungfu? Well here\’s a quick recap. The pagan metal band, fronted by Li Nan, was one of the aughts top acts – an electrifying mix of Tibetan/Mongolian folklore and black speed metal, that often left audiences dazed and bloodied. In 2012, Li Nan headed off to Berklee College of Music to further his studies, and while there has been hints that the band would remerge in one form or another at some point, this is the first clear evidence that yes, Voodoo Kungfu will return to ravage our souls. When and how I don\’t know, but count me in.


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