MV Exclusive: thruoutin x Taiyuan Star River Festival

Had the pleasure of stopping by Taiyuan earlier last month with my cohort thruoutin, who was performing at the Taiyuan Star River Music Festival, a little, open to the public, music gathering held on a revamped golf course to help promote all the cash (and retail) that’s about to flow through the city mostly known for its coal and vinegar. So yeah – lot of friendly locals, lots of greenery, and some interesting acts including Nocturnes, British Box, Xiongxiong Zuoye and Huan Qing (this dude). Besides coming back with the longest running cold in the history of my life, I also came back with this little tour video set to thruoutin’s latest track, Yester Oaks to Xicang Hutong 从昨橡树到西仓胡同, out now on Jingweir’s newest split release. Enjoy!



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