LBM Update


A quick update – for the next month your chief editor here will be hitting the road and poppin over to Europe for some good ol fashion backpacking. Therefore, the site will not be as frequently updated, particularly on social media. I plan on having my back catalog of videos and pictures seeping through over the course of my absence so if you see a new post, forward that nonsense on Facebook and weibo please. I\’ve updated the calendar as far as possible, and have already booked the next Gulou Double Decker for September 17th with three smoking hot new bands – Boiled Hippo, Rhonda, and JuJu, the latter I picked out from a random douban treasure hunt. Stoked for that one. At the same time, if anyone wants to contribute, write a piece, or share some photos – let me know. I\’d be more than happy to have someone throw in their two cents. So without further a due, catch you all on the flip side!! Enjoy your military hard-on holiday you filthy animals!

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