LBM Offline: Schoolhouse Rock Vol. 2 (School Bar 9月2日)


It’s September and that only means one thing – School’s back in session. And what better way to break in the new term than with another edition of Schoolhouse Rock courtesy of Live Beijing Music and School Bar. For the second volume, we’ve rounded up some of our most anticipated bands of the year – bands ready to shake the status quo. Hot off of their signing to Maybe Mars, indie rock outfit Future Orients (formerly The Eat) are primed to hit it big, with an explosive live set that needs to be seen to be believed. The evening also sees experimental/improv rock group Not in Catalog, made up of some of the experimental and improv scene brightest characters who are ‘walking in the opposite direction to rock music\’s evolution in various periods’. Female-led punk quartet S-Mud is a dynamite package of attitude and aggression that’ll have you pogoing in delight. Electro rock supergroup WHAI return for some blazing, \’let\’s blow this mother fucker down\’ rock and roll. Finally, formed from the ashes of Inner Mongolian trop Horse Radio comes the drums-guitar duo december3am, whose hard-hitting sound conjures up anything but the grasslands – think post-post krautrock. Four bands, four styles, and four sets to ignite your Friday night and prepare you for the forthcoming School year!!!

Date: Friday, September 2nd 9月2日 9:30pm
Location: School Bar
Ticket: 50/60 RMB


Future Orients

Not in Catalog




Future Orients (Indie Rock)


Future Orients is a four-piece rock band from Beijing, China. They formed in the tumult of 2012, when their spiritual home, legendary rock dive D-22, was on its last legs. They started gigging regularly in the following years at D-22\’s reincarnation, XP, fusing influence from UK indie stalwarts Foals and Mogwai with a homegrown, Beijing take on psychedelic freakout rock, dance punk, and kosmische electronica to present their own sonic brew: not quite pretty, but infectious; not quite crazy, but undeniably intense.

Future Orients 成立于2012年秋。

WHAI (Psychedelic Industrial Rock)


WHAI 不断演化成一支先锋摇滚乐队。他们哲学化的歌词、声音实验、不断创新的CD封面艺术和精心设计的现场表演都闻名于世。WHAI在张巍的 带领下在中国迷幻方面已经比较成功,并将噪音音乐引入了主流。WHAI 的音乐所表现的思想真的很细腻、乐风很有味道,不仅给你带来感官上的刺激和满足, 同时产生思考的欲望。你闭上双眼,就会感觉那种乐曲的冲击,直到有种梦幻 飞翔般的意境,音乐同时有一份典雅的气质,在你幽静中给予思考的动感美。 WHAI的音乐并没有承袭旧式摇滚那种简练精干的旋律表达,而是创造了一种更为流畅自由的方式。

December3am (Inner-Mongolia, Ambient Rock/Post-Rock)


Broadening the shape and boundaries of the duo\’s previous band, Inner Mongolian folk rock outfit Horse Radio, the drums-guitar duo that makes up december3am plays in the realm of post rock and experimental krautrock forming a sound that\’s unlike anything else.
这个由Horse Radio“走马电台”前成员达莱和老杜组成的二人乐队,将自己的风格称为“后后前摇”。

那时候北京的民谣摇滚风头正劲,Horse Radio从中脱颖而出,为蒙古音乐注入了一剂忧郁质朴的清新暖流。首张专辑《走马电台》便显示出他们打破既定音乐形式的野心,《蓝色故乡》和《乌鸦》里,他们加入民谣中不常见的叮当声和弱拍,动人的旋律下藏匿着炽热、浓烈的情绪表达。

December3am像是不插电的Horse Radio. 这种“不插电”并非指声音上的效果,而是从民谣摇滚的风格范式来讲,December3am的实验性极大拓宽了流派的范围和界限。

Not in Catalog 不在话下 (Experimental, improv, rock) 


Not in Catalog started in late 2015, including members of Zhao Cong, Abing, Lodiet and Zhu Wenbo. They are active in Beijing underground / experimental / improvisation music scene as musicians, organizers, audiences, promotors, spectators…. buying records and selling records. Not in Catalog is a rock band, walking in opposite direction to rock music\’s evolution in various periods.

不在话下(Not in Catalog)于2015年末在北京组建,成员为朱文博,赵丛、阿炳和洛的来,他们都是北京地下/实验/即兴音乐场景中活跃的组织者、观众、乐手、推广者、买唱片的、卖唱片的……不在话下也许是一个摇滚乐队,走在各个时期摇滚乐演化方向的反面。 


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