LBM Mixtape No. 147



33EMYBW – RANA (Shanghai/D-Force Records)

Sound and Fury – Honey Knows (Chengdu/Boring Productions)

Kawa – 童谣 (Kunming/StreetVoice-TaiCe)

Joy Ginger – Stay In My Arms (Beijing/Babel Records)

Mary Jane 玛丽简 – 我们之间出了一个叛徒 (Guangzhou/Self-Released)

Mobby Kingdom 莫比帝国 – 在今夜 (Nanjing/LoveZen Records)

Shu Ying 树樱 – Bao (Shanghai/Self-Released)

Hewozhebaopiqi 鹤这豹脾气 – 留 神 (Self-Released)

CNdY – 蔑视 (Beijing/ModernSky)

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