LBM Mixtape#41



Tracklist below…


Cold Field – Just in Case – 避免

Post punk instrumental outfit emerges from the shadows after months of absence. (XP Tues. Feb. 2nd)



GT Bitches – 24K Golden Heart


Jinan ‘ fuck n roll’ punks causing a fuss over in Shandong province. (School Sat. Feb. 7th)


Late Troubles – 练习曲3

The solo project of Snapline frontman Chen Xi – electronics, inner ramblings, and a ukulele. Enough said. (69 Café Fri. Feb. 6th)




Long Shen Dao – Wrap You Up

China’s premier reggae outfit with a deep Eastern philosophy edge – surprising how easily the language rolls off of those customary offbeats. (Yugong Yishan Fri. Feb 6th)



CAssette – The Love Song

Trip-hop electro infused alternative rockers with a knack for sultry, cabret influenced numbers. (Mao Sun Feb. 8th)




Zhang Shouwang – 墙下有草,树后有人

Carsick Cars frontman Zhang Shouwang solo outings always offer something new and exotic. (69 Café Fri. Feb. 7th)



Fatiaokamusuo – Frenchmen & Bicycle

Pop rock wisecrackers with a humorous cross-talking edge and loads of youthful swagger. (Mao Thur. Feb 5th)



Residence A – Hero


Rave rocking indie heroes out of Beijing who have been slowly propelling their sound to U2 arena style rock and roll. (Mao Sun. Feb. 8th)

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