In Pictures: Soulspeak & TTEChmak (Cafe Zarah 07.23.2016)


Now this is how you pull off a release show. In the spirit of the jazz flavored summer vibes present on the sexy, soulful Love In The Land Of Robots, from maverick producer Soulspeak and trumpeter TTechmak, Beijing label Ran Music decided to bring the music to Cafe Zarah\’s courtyard and terrace. And I gotta say,  it was a treat, even in the blistering heat. Summer vibes. Bloody Mary in hand. And watching a master work his magic with a child-like enthusiasm. There\’s no way this could of worked elsewhere. Hat tip to Dan (of J Crew) on bass and once again to TTechmak on trumpet who killed it. And kudos to Ran Music and Cafe Zarah for giving us something fresh and unique to our weekend routine.

Check out \’Love In The Land Of Robots\’ on xiami and soundcloud, and grab yourself a physical vinyl copy over at FLOSO (the clothing/record store just east of Temple and Dada). More pictures below.
























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