In Pictures: Inside/Out Exhibition (Dashilar 23.11.2014)


Spent the weekend sick as a goat – thus, didn\’t have the will power to make it out to any venues this weekend to shoot any video or snap any pictures. Nevertheless, I mustered up enough energy Sunday to drag my ass over to Dashilar, the maze of hutongs south of Qiamen, to check out art collective TRIA PRIMA\’s first installation project entitled Inside/Outand it was a trip n a half. Part National History Museum of Hutong, part haunted house by way of hutong life, part David Lynch home-style zaniness, the installation was a photographers\’ paradise essentially, offering more than enough WTF moments as well as some super intriguing soundscapes manipulated from the most mundane things (i.e. a dripping faucet) three of Beijing\’s most prolific experimental artsists, including Li Qing, Li Weisi, and Liu Xinyu. So yeah, my camera and I had a blast and we have the photos to prove it.






























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