Gig Recap: Yichang At Home w/ thruoutin, Solent

Yicahng Cafe – the cozy little hutong spot just south of Dongsi and was home of several intimate events spanning genres from folk to ambient music – launched their latest project in the unluckiest of places – the mountainous region of Changping. Entitled ‘Yichang At Home’, the project is to be a live-streaming event held monthly in the village home of Yichang’s curators that’ll put a spotlight on various artists and collaborators looking to unplug from the urban sprawl of Beijing for the slower-paced village life and give a live performance for viewers back in the city and across the rest of China. Basically – a Boiler Room for hippies. And I mean that as the highest compliment. For their test drive edition, they tapped ambient electronic producers Solent and thruoutin, for some head-tripping ethereal soundscapes – first, performing individually followed by a collaborative, improvisational section at the end. And while the live video feed is no more (that’ll have to be remedied in the future), here’s to hoping to more Yichang At Home sessions sooner rather than later. 

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