Gig Recap: The Hormones (BSP Livehouse 2018.04.14)

With Sound of the Xity getting the axe last weekend, a bunch of its bands played musical chairs, shuffling around the city to find a warm stage that would accept them. Some moved to the recording studio, some threw themselves onto pre-existing bills, and some of the bigger acts, like Chengdu’s The Hormones who were finishing off their nation wide tour, were lucky enough to get a venue of their own. BSP Livehouse you say? Yes, there’s a new venue in town, right along the second ring road between Dongsishitiao and Chaoyangmen. About a two hundred max capacity venue, with a cozy café feel to it, it was the last place you’d expect a band with as much pull as The Hormones to end up. Nevertheless, it gave the band’s set a visceral and intimate spark, as they charged through their new album (and a few oldies) with relish. And gotta say, the band is tighter than ever, jumping from jaded post punk knockouts to haunting sorrowful ballads with ease, and allowing each of the female members to shine. They ain’t no gimmick, they’re the real deal – renewed and more mature. They’ll be just fine. As for BSP Livehouse, you’re on my list – let’s see what you have in store for Beijing this summer.

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