Gig Recap: SPICE (Yue Space 2018.09.14)

I’ve been eager to catch the Hangzou based SPICE for some time since 2014 when I stumbled upon them. Besides being proof that there’s a lot happening outside the first tier cities – they were looking to be one of the most innovative, interesting, downright exciting bands coming out of China in some time. They seemed to be a band fully invested in their sound. And while the band has been quiet for some time, it’s singer and guitarist Chenchenchen has been very busy with his own electronic, sound, and ‘what have you’ projects and it certainly seems a lot of those ideas have found their way into the band’s new sound and more importantly their new bold new LP. Playing on a wider sonic stage, with layering effects, and harmonies with melodies that hook you easily, the most notable difference here are the vocal performances, from both the bassist and guitarist, which are now front and center, compared to the band’s earlier more instrumental work. All this gave way to a wildly diverse set, full of new age disco ballads, psychedelic electro rock, indie pop singles, and irresistible dance tracks. At times the shift from genre to genre was all a bit much, leading to whiplash, but there’s no denying the girth of talent these three have.  

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