Gig Recap: Run Run Run, DFA1989, D.I.U.B (Temple 2017.12.13)

For round three of the ‘Face Me On Stage’ series pitting one band (quite literally) against another battle style at Temple Bar, the organizers decided to go for a three-way battle – a ménage à trois if you will – of psychedelic, no wave, drone mayhem as dark new wave trio D.I.U.B (their first live outing since their debut in September) rallied the troops against doom drone symphony Death Fuxk Abba 1989 and Guizhou raised psychedelic soundscapers Run Run Run. Two of those bands have songs that blossom into ten minutes jams, so it was interesting to see them try to reel it in for the kill. As I expected Run Run Run had the most problem bringing it in under five minutes, while D.I.U.B breezed through their ramshackle songs, particularly stretching to reach the time allocated to them. DFA1989 on the other hand, downright threw down the gauntlet with a guitar smash on their first round (five rounds in total), a punchline that had most folk bewildered, and pretty much set the tone for the evening. Jocular sportsmanship, sprawling and meandering sounds being led to a quick death, and the inevitable free-for-all jam session that gleefully emerged from the ashes of the slapdash competition. So yeah, good good fun.

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