Gig Recap: Qianchuan Pharmacy, Backspace, Swarrm (2019.08.15)

Swung by DDC last week to quench my live music thirst – and more importantly dip my toes into some bands I hadn’t seen in about forever. Kicking off the night were Qianchuan Pharmacy, who have come a long way since I caught them back in 2017. Besides beefing up their instrumental chops, they seem to be leaning into heavier carnivalesque art rock that complements their post punk foundations nicely. At times, the electronic backing doesn’t as seamlessly merge with their performance, but I’m super curious to hear their debut release come next year. While I’ve had my fair share of Backspace this year already, it was a treat to see them bust out an array of new tracks. Unpolished and still ‘works in progress’ they didn’t have the tight magnetism the band has become known for, but they promise so really cool developments for the band and with some tweaks and adjustments, might just become some of the band’s new crowd favorites. Last but not least, Swarrm the post-metal instrumentalists gave a lesson on how to turn your instruments into weapons of mass destruction, tearing into their hard-edged electric and menacing world with relish. It may not be for everyone, but they’re pros through and through. All in all, a fine evening of gut-busting, high-octane rock and roll.

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