Gig Recap: JaJaTao, Floating in the Mist, The Beauty

Still reeling from the excitement of last Saturday night (well technically, from Friday night which rolled into the next) but what a righteous evening of music from three very different yet distinct bands, who each brought their A-game to DDC.

Kicking off the night was The Beauty, who continue to toe the line between old school blues-ridden rock and rock and jangly indie-pop without missing a beat. It’s a tough line to walk (which they admit themselves) but their rock and roll heart is clearly in the right place and they easily won over the brimming audience for their melodic charm. Good things lie ahead for them.

Speaking of a heck of a future ahead of them, Dalian’s Floating in the Mist absolutely knocked it out of the park (props to Ruining for the recommendation) – finding nuance, resonance, and innovative chemistry between the lines of math rock and shoegaze. Or better yet, math rock on methadone, and shoegaze with bewitching chord arrangements. However you want to put it, there’s a lot going on under the hood of the quartet that feels fresh to my ears. Actually pretty bummed I didn’t have my sound recorder handy, cause I’m not sure how long I can wait to hear some of these tracks in the flesh.

Finally, JaJaTao proved once again they’re a force to be reckoned with – turning DDC into a no holds barrel mosh pit, complete with flying ‘funeral money’. A snarling, spirited demon-exorcising set that didn’t hold back one bit and left me a sweaty mess of emotions and carnal desires. So yeah, perhaps it’s just the bittersweet nostalgia kicking in – but that was one for the ages.

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