Gig Recap: Hiperson, Future Orients (Yugong Yishan 2018.05.19)

I’m mesmerized by the command Hiperson displays in their live shows. It’s not often you find a band with zero pretentions in China – who come in and lay it all down there for their audience. And yes, while Hiperson is most certainly a young band, they have proven themselves as a band to be reckoned with, both on stage and on record. There’s no divide between them and the audience – every note, every whispered cry, every drum snare, snakes its way through the crowd till all you can do is stare in awe and simply listen. During ‘Ceramics’ which finds singer Chen Sijiang all by her self – the room was completely silent – not a sound among the five hundred plus crowd. The collective silence and active ‘listening’ became a transporting, communal moment that you rarely find in Beijing anymore. Hiperson have tapped into something grandiose, intimate, strange and messily beautiful – and have once again proven themselves to be one of China’s most captivating acts. 

I have a feeling time will be very kind to them. Check out more vids and pics below, including Future Orients (back in fighting mode) opening set.

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