Gig Recap: DFA1989 (Magnet Theater 2018.06.09)

It’s not often you get the chance to soak in doomy noise symphonies in a theater in the afternoon – so I jumped at the occasion to check out what DFA1989, the infamous doom drone collective, ‘with a constantly shifting line up of musicians with a diverse repertoire of instruments and talents’, had cooked up. And the answer: some dank ass, epic audio-sensory dreamscapes that manage to entice and engulf the senses while remaining tons of fun (at least for those who enjoy staring into the abyss). Better still, the band seems to have found a through line in their sound; a melodic arc that gives the looping drones and immersing layers and the devastating atmosphere an surprising emotional heft. These hooded mystics are onto something. Kudos to Magnet Theater for the deft meat locker aesthetics – very nice touch.

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