While making the yearly playlists have been a joy, the simple fact is, it’s getting harder and harder to get them up on any music platform. The copyright gatekeepers and their algorisms are getting far too advanced. I remember two years ago, not one song was booted from my end of year playlist. Last year: had ten songs booted. This year — well after uploading the first batch of songs, my email lite up like Chinese New Year. So unfortunately, there will be no bloated 200-song playlist this year on Soundcloud. However, I have selected around twenty of my favorite tracks and made a mixtape on my Mixcloud account. 

I’ll also include the full list of my favorite songs of the year below. Email us at livebeijingmusic@gmail.com if you want to inquire about certain bands or songs (or if you wanna bribe me to hand over the whole package of songs)


  1. “or if you wanna bribe me to hand over the whole package of songs”

    Yes, I’m interested in bribing for the full package 🙂

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