2015 Top Songs

Holy shit that took a butt load of time! Uploading to soundcloud can be a hassle and a half, but it\’s all worth it in the end. I\’ve been steadily working on my top playlist for the past month and while I wish I could\’ve included more songs (it started at around 250 songs) I think what we\’re left with is a pretty good layout of what\’s been spinning in my head year round. I\’ve included below a pdf version of the playlist (though not in the same order as the soundcloud playlist). Lastly, this playlist will only be up for a month as our site doesn\’t have the funds to do a yearly account — however if you\’ve inclined to donate or throw a few bones toward a LBM soundcloud account shoot us a email at livebeijingmusic@gmail.com

LBM Playlist PDF

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