Bastian Baker (Switzerland)

瑞士国民男神Bastian Baker后山艺术空间专场

Swiss pop singer-songwriter Bastian Baker brings his magnetic voice and presence to the MOMA Post Mountain Space.  100/120 RMB


Music has always been a part of Bastian Baker life, even as a young boy when music wasn’t at the centre of his preoccupations, he lent his voice to a school choir. Today, at only 23, he already sings on Switzerland and Europe’s biggest stages with the self-confidence of experienced performers. To find the first signs of his artistic destiny, a close look at his teen years must be taken; he had his
own secret garden, accompanied by just a guitar and a pen. His first texts and his first chords date back to when he was 15, which already gave a glimpse of a possible breakthrough.

It wasn’t long before coming. Discovered by Patrick Delarive, who decided to support him, the singer released a first single, “Lucky”, in 2011. Its success is a veritable explosion: the memorable pop-folk melodic lines are all over the radio. A new name, coming out of nowhere, is carving its way into the musical landscape; the young man writes, composes, arranges and produces his musical dreams. In April of the same year, his encounter with Claude Nobs, the late and missed founder of Montreux Jazz Festival, is an artistic and human revelation. As the young artist was performing in a bar in Zermatt, the great connoisseur recognized his talent and invited him on the
off stage of his festival a few months later. In the meantime, the singer sharpens up his knives and impresses the crowds at other Swiss and French festivals.

The album that truly launched his career, “Tomorrow May Not Be Better”, was released in September 2011. It followed up with the success achieved by “Lucky”, while keeping the same artistic direction: mind-blowing melodic immediacy, strong voice and fine arrangements. The three singles “I’d Sing For You”, “Tomorrow May Not Be Better” and “Hallelujah” – a Leonard Cohen cover – were and still are big hits. In Switzerland, the album sold like hot cakes (45,000 copies sold), and it is also an export hit in France (35,000 copies sold) and Belgium (10,000 copies sold). Bastian Baker hits the road, tours intensively, mixes with his public and enriches himself with countless encounters. Over two years, he performed hundreds of times. Among the list, very prestigious venues: Montreux Jazz Festival, Paleo Festival and Francofolies de la Rochelle.

The most sparkling of them all is undoubtedly the Olympia of Paris in April 2013. The phenomenon intensifies with just as prestigious opening acts for Elton John, Bryan Adams, Johnny Hallyday and Mark Lanegan. While Bastian Baker has gained much recognition from his peer, he receives the compliments with much modesty.

In spite of his short career, he obtained numerous other praises and rewards. On the French TV show Taratata, and he enchanted the presenter, Nagui. He also won five Swiss Music Awards in three years and was elected Switzerland’s third favourite celebrity after a public vote during the 2012 and 2013  Swiss Awards. He performed at the NRJ Music Awards in 2013. The following two years after Bastian Baker’s first breakthrough have given him the opportunity to play at opposite sides of the globe; in Japan, Russia, USA and in Europe (England, Germany, France, Belgium). A musical journey that is
bound to take him further.

The human and artistic capital accumulated during these long peregrinations have shaped and coloured the spirit of the new album “Too Old to Die Young”. The oeuvre unveils a more developed music, as well as mature and accomplished lyrics. This work was created in the remote English countryside, along with his musicians. It was further developed between the walls of the Angelic Studio in Brackley (England) and directed by Jamiroquai’s keyboarder and composer, Toby Smith. There, between February and March 2013, Bastian Baker surrounded himself with percussionist and
drummer Fergus Gerrand (Sting, Madonna, Duran Duran), guitarist and keyboarder Ken Stringfellow (R.E.M., The Posies) and bassist David Levy (Chris de Burgh, Mike Oldfield). As the young artist had wished since the beginning, the album was recorded during a live session. Mixer Mark Plati, a legend who has had the occasion to work with, amongst others, David Bowie, The Cure, Robbie Williams and Alain Bashung, has given a final touch to Bastian Baker’s pieces in NYC. The Re-Edition of his Number1 album „Too Old To Die Young“ has been released on October, 24th including his brandnew single „Leaving Tomorrow“ – the perfect soundtrack for this beautifull autumn days!


5月26日,来自瑞士洛桑的国民级男神歌手巴斯蒂安·贝克(Bastian Baker)将空降北京后山艺术空间,为观众奉上一场精妙绝伦的演出。“明明可以靠脸吃饭,偏偏要靠才华”这句话用在这位小鲜肉巴斯蒂安·贝克身上毫不为过。就像中国的TFBOYS,加拿大的贾斯汀·比伯一个量级一样,在瑞士,他的名字已经家喻户晓。


25岁的巴斯蒂安·贝克是拥有三张白金唱片、五座瑞士音乐奖、MTV欧洲音乐奖等大大小小不计其数奖的瑞士当红歌手、音乐创作人。年轻的他就像当红炸子鸡引得Shania Twain、Bryan Adams、Johnny Hallyday和Mark Lanegan纷纷邀他合作,他还曾受邀担任“比利时好声音”导师。


在他19岁的年纪,Bastian Baker 推出的第一首单曲《Lucky》立即风靡了各大音乐电台。Claude Nobs——“蒙特勒爵士”音乐节已故的发起人,被Bastian的音乐所打动,邀请他站上了音乐节的舞台。


在短短的几个月的时间里, Bastian迅速走红。他的第一张专辑《Tomorrow May Not Be Better》在2011年年底发布,推动了他整个职业生涯。而且其中那首《Lucky》内里的真诚、朗朗上口的旋律、迷人的魅力、以及巧妙的安排,让它依旧在排行榜上保持了一个相当高的位置。两年后,他推出了第二张万众期待的专辑《Too Old to Die Young》,他尝试使用了更丰富的乐器和更成熟的歌词。





一次,他父亲的一位朋友在一次社交聚会上看中了他的表现,并提出想要出版他的歌。于是,他的首支单曲,由Richard Meyer 作词的《Lucky》在2011年3月推出,并迅速登上了瑞士单曲榜。前者成为了他的制片人,而后者则彻彻底底成了一位作曲家、歌手、吉他手、演员和艺术制作人。




他参与了许多的项目,而且总是渴望更多,他依旧不想禁锢他职业生涯的道路,相反更遵循自己的直觉,最让他感兴趣的是此时此刻。Bastian Baker的第三张专辑《Facing Canyons(面对峡谷)》于2015年11月一经推出,就拿到了11个冠军。他用独特的乐器如口琴、曼陀林和班卓琴反映了在悉尼和巴黎的恐怖袭击事件。Bastian Baker提醒了我们人类在宇宙中的渺小,以及保持清醒的重要性。好像他正把植被从悬崖上的裂缝中推出来似的,这是一种生命的气息。

所以,对Bastian Baker来说,没有什么是一成不变的。他每时每刻都迎着光,不断地向上生长,就像这是他宿命一样。



后山艺术空间 The Post Mountain



2016.05.26 21:00



预售100元/ 现场120元

100RMB(Adv)/120RMB(At door)




T8,North Area of Dangdai MOMA,1 Xiangheyuan Road,Dongcheng District,Beijing








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