2015 Recap


First off — thanks for all the positive feedback this year folks. It means the world to us. We’re looking to push the site even further in the next year, and the only way that is even feasible is because of all of you. You’re the best. Below I’ve included a recap of everything that we did in the past year – shows, videos, pictures, mixtapes, and more – in case, any of you want to see what ya miss in 2015.


Temple and DDC became my homebase for 2015. Temple for our monthly Gulou Double Decker series, hosted with pangbianr, which gave a spotlight to a slew of up and coming bands; and DDC for our seasonal quarterly mini festivals (the last of which will take place on January 23rd) – both great fun. Promise to expand further out in the next year, particularly get back in School’s graces, cause that place is the shit. Anywho – here’s the collection of posters from the past year, most of which were taken (and altered of course) from photographs I’ve taken over the course of my time here in Beijing

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Please be sure to check out our youku channel – we posted over one hundred and forty videos of over sixty bands this year – as well as a music video for Mammals alongside with good friend and filmmaker Graeme Nicol




Took a lot more photographs this year, some winners, some losers – it’s a learning experience and one I hope to continue pursuing in the future. Also, had some help from the one and only Stechs, who really has a knack for capturing the dirt and grime of the music scene —- here\’s the complete collection




Made it to 81 Mixtapes this year! Yahoo! While the soundcloud account hosting our yearly ‘Best Songs’ playlists will be decommissioned at the end of the month, our mixcloud account will be going strong into the next year – so if you’re looking to for 30-40 jams of some of Beijing’s top brass look no further. I\’ve also have been contributing to BeeHype the international database for collecting the top tracks from around the world – check out my picks (co-curated by BeeHype\’s team) over here.


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