OTS: Ice Moon, Chaos Kills The Pain, Jajatone (Temple 09.07.2015)


After a more subdued joint last the month before, I decided to crank up the volume for the sixth Gulou Double Decker bringing in some fresh hardcore kicks in the form of Ice Moon and Chaos Kills The Pain, holding down the fort with their aggressive riffs, ferocious vocals and cathartic melodies. Beijing Hardcore lives on! On top of that we welcomed to the stage one of this years most promising bands, grunge revisionists Jajatone, who add some a very interesting spice to their numbers.

Holy smokes! Young blood indeed. Actually failed in getting home a couple of those high schooler instrumentalists in time to their private schools , which resulted in some very angry mothers. Hopefully they get a chance to see what a storm they were stirring up earlier.


OTS: Round Eye feat. Steve Mackay (School 20.06.2015)


Steve fucking MacKay boys and girls. Legendary saxophonist of The Stooges during their Fun House tenure. Dude just can’t get enough of life on the road. This was the second time LBM’s cameras have been graced with Mr. Mackay’s presence – the first being in 2012 alongside Sikhara. Now, Shanghai storm troopin doo wop rock loons Round Eye, fresh off their stellar debut release, have taken the man hostage for a whirlwind tour of China and the US. We catch them at School Bar in late June. Seriously love these Round Eye folks.

Straight up abrasive in your face punk rock with its tongue firmly in cheek and a wild-eyed childlike wonder. Check out more below.


In Pictures: The Garage Pick Up Jam (09.08.2015)

Garage Pick up Jam 8 9 2015-022

Stechs on sticks!!!! Never thought I’d see the day. I figured at some point in Stechs adventures of Earth, there was our man getting down and dirty with a drum kit. Now I have proof. Looks like it was a pretty dope jam session that went down at Shunyi’s The Garage — the bike-themed and family-friendly bar and restaurant which looks quite nice. Very tempted to pop over there, at least just to get out of the Gulou bubble once in a while. But seriously, Stechs on drums. I love it.



OTS: Cat AIDS, Death Narcissists (School 18.06.2015)


Oh, where to begin Cat AIDS? Or more appropriately, where to end? Cause what once started as a experiment in testing an audiences endurance and the media’s inherent need to prompt up any band with a new face, has indeed slowly become one of the towns most feral and ferocious outfits, tearing up a shitstorm musically and theatrically, with their strange hybrid of free jazz, doom metal, and punk rock fuckery. It’s majestic in the least possible way, and all the better for it. Witness their prowess at School for their EP release, available now at Nasty Wizard Recordings.

And if that wasn’t enough, punched up grunge indie rock trio The Death Narcissists continue their reign of awesomeness. Another band ready to claim that rookie of the year title. Vegetables!!


OTS: Alpine Decline, Boiled Hippo (XP 17.06.2015)


While I managed to swing by XP on its last weekend whoorah (goofy times), this here will be my last XP post foreverr aka the last time my camera made it out there. And what a teaser it was – cause the ever enigmatic buzz fuzz rock duo Alpine Decline has upgraded their outfit to a full fledged trio with none other than PK14 mastermind Yang Haisong on bass. Ridiculously awesome indeed – just goes to show, the band, who’s been upping their game ever since setting foot in Beijing, to ready to take their sound even further on their next release.

If that wasn’t enough, audiences were treated by one of this year’s most promising bands, Boiled Hippo (formerly Color of Vanity) whose shoegaze infused rock me and sock em style left many of my fellow cohorts dazed and eager for more. Did I mention I put these guys on the next Gulou Double Decker? Expect big things out of these kids.


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