OTS: Fake Fuzz Fest Recap


Took long enough! We over here at LBM have slogged through the footage captured over the two days at DDC for the Fake Fuzz Fest, a multi-media music-filled festival held by LiveBeijingMusic and AWEH. And geez, was it a lot. Seriously, like some of these kids just never put down the camera. And remember that crane they brought in for WHAI!? Literally, thirty minutes of three cameras on one (female) bass player – and I’m not even sure she knew how to play it. Kids and their toys – whattya gonna do about it. Well anyway, here’s a cute little recap of the festival I’ve put together highlighting everyone getting down with the fuzz. Thanks to everyone who came out and participated. Expect round two some time in the near future?


MV Monday: Douban Music Awards, white +, Poshangcun, Recycle

mv 26-01-2015

More vids to munch on – num num num num!! Here’s some music videos, interview profiles, and pre-award show mumbo jumbo from Douban, white +, Poshangcun, and Recycle.


LBM Mixtape #40

lbm mixtape#40


Tracklist Below

Weekend Update (23/01-25/01)

wu 23-01-2015

Insert pain. If you’re not already heading out to the Temple/Dada fiasco that is the Gulou Double Decker, then do yourself a favor and get over to the party of the week. And thennn when the smoke clears, the hangover suffices, and your ears stop ringing, get back on that high horse of yours and venture forth to these radical gigs and outings happening this weekend. And as always check out our dinky calendar (which will get a makeover in the coming weeks) for more.


New Releases: Seippelabel Vol. 1, Mr. Trouble, Bob Dupont, Noise Arcade

nr 21-01-2015

The New Year – full of familiar sounds and yet, at the same time not. Artists striving for more finding new avenues to entice their audiences, including a rapper who’s leap into pop territory has been turning my home into a 24 hour hip hop party. Also, one of Beijing’s more prolific artists takes a stab at the label business. Here’s the latest from Noise Arcade, Mr. Trouble, as well as the debut of Bob Dupont and Seippelabel.


Mixtape of the Week

Real Time Gig Map