Interview: Zhu Wenbo

Interview conducted by Michael Cupoli
Zhu Wenbo is a man that has many projects going on all the time. Currently, he has projects that go by the names of Not In Catalog, No Perform, and Xiao Hong Yu Xiao Xiao Hong as well as performing solo and doing a number of one off collaborations with various people. In addition to being a musician, Zhu Wenbo used to organize the experimental show called Zoomin’ Night which was held first in D22 and then XP every Tuesday for 6 years. After XP closed, Zoomin’ Night has since become a tape label that focuses on experimental music. He performs with Not In Catalog this Friday, September 2nd at the Schoolhouse Rock Vol. 2 alongside december3am, Future Orients, and WHAI.


OTS: Russian Roulette, Brickleberry, ShengJiao (School Bar 17.08.2016)


Every year there comes a point where you just gotta get out of your comfort zone and scope out some of the new talent in town. It’s too easy to indulge in checking out bands you know and love, and go for the safe option. And weekdays at School is ground zero for the bulging amount of new bands making the rounds and cutting their teeth. At this particular ‘School New Sounds’ volume, we checked out the eccentric, upbeat indie flavorings of Brickleberry, the amused and eager hardcore of ShengJiao (ed’s note: after some research I’m almost convinced that this was not indeed ShengJiao as advertised on the poster so if you have any more concrete evidence out there let me know) and the scrappy, playful punk antics of Russian Roulette.

While still rough around the edges, there was something exhilarating about watching these bands give it their all, and more importantly watch the audience actively lap it up and equal the bands’ enthusiasm. It’s clear they haven’t been jaded or neutered yet by the music scene and there’s beauty in that. More pictures below.

Ed Note 2: Russian Roulette’s take on ‘Ol McDonold had a farm’ has been deleted numerous times from my youku account so you can only watch it on Youtube…Congrats Russian Roulette – you have ruffled the feathers 


LBM Offline: Autumn Harvest Fest (DDC 9月3日)

autumnharvestposter copy

Summer is just about over and it’s time to bring in this year’s fresh harvest – and Live Beijing Music and DDC have reaped and prepared some of this year’s hottest new acts, as well as a couple old favorites to welcome in the autumn with a rocking good show – LBM presents Autumn Harvest Fest. On board we have established punk stalwarts Gum Bleed, known for their rallying calls and take downs of society – a must see live act for any Beijinger. Also on the bill, are visiting post rock outfit Spin Axis, making the trip from Shijiazhuang, whose full-bodied, gut-busting brand of post rock has made them a band to look out for. Fresh on the scene this year are shoegaze psychedelic rockers Last Goodbye, who despite having less than a dozen shows under their belt, have proved themselves worthy – expect to be hearing about these kids a lot in the upcoming year. One of the year’s hottest acts, math rock instrumentalists Rhonda, join as well bringing their kinetic, gut bursting sound to our ears. Finally, grunge revisonists JaJaTao, who just released their wonderfully realized debut, will bring their dark, atmospheric, and mesmerizing performance to the stage. It’s a packed bill full of electric sounds, dreamy riffs, and manic energy – and the perfect way to kick off the Autumn season!!

Date: Saturday, September 3rd 9月3日 8pm
Where: DDC (Shanlao Hutong NO.14, Dongcheng District)

Ticket: 50/70 RMB (link)


Spin Axis

Gum Bleed

Last Goodbye




LBM Offline: Schoolhouse Rock Vol. 2 (School Bar 9月2日)

fuzzschoolsept2 final copy

It’s September and that only means one thing – School’s back in session. And what better way to break in the new term than with another edition of Schoolhouse Rock courtesy of Live Beijing Music and School Bar. For the second volume, we’ve rounded up some of our most anticipated bands of the year – bands ready to shake the status quo. Hot off of their signing to Maybe Mars, indie rock outfit Future Orients (formerly The Eat) are primed to hit it big, with an explosive live set that needs to be seen to be believed. The evening also sees experimental/improv rock group Not in Catalog, made up of some of the experimental and improv scene brightest characters who are ‘walking in the opposite direction to rock music’s evolution in various periods’. Female-led punk quartet S-Mud is a dynamite package of attitude and aggression that’ll have you pogoing in delight. Electro rock supergroup WHAI return for some blazing, ‘let’s blow this mother fucker down’ rock and roll. Finally, formed from the ashes of Inner Mongolian trop Horse Radio comes the drums-guitar duo december3am, whose hard-hitting sound conjures up anything but the grasslands – think post-post krautrock. Four bands, four styles, and four sets to ignite your Friday night and prepare you for the forthcoming School year!!!

Date: Friday, September 2nd 9月2日 9:30pm
Location: School Bar
Ticket: 50/60 RMB


Future Orients

Not in Catalog




Weekend Update 26.08-28.08

wu 26-08-2016

So close yet so far. Summer keeps hinting that it’s time to call it a day, and yet, here I am, sitting in my boxer briefs, sweating profusely from just about every orifice, rounding up this weekend’s gigs for you beautiful people out there. And do we have a crammed next few days, one that includes museums being converted into venues, basements venues being turned into galleries, and yet another festival on the outskirts of Beijing. All for the taking. So, who’s game? Here’s your weekend gig guide. And a little heads up – LiveBeijingMusic will be hosting two gigs next week at School Bar on September 2nd and DDC on September 3rd – hope to see you there!


Mixtape of the Week


Real Time Gig Map