Weekend Update 这周末 (10/21-10/23)


Beijing is really reeling in the love this week with yet another smog-alert. Even the apocalypse has more picturesque charm than this. My sole advice – start a ragtag team of steampunk cannibals and get your freak on to one of these live gigs. Plenty of human fodder to be had there. Trust. 

Friday October 21st


The Pumpkins, Bastards of Imperialism, GuiGuiSuiSui, Death Narcissist at School

Local label and booker Dr. Smartass (aka Shanzhai Laowai, aka Darryl, aka signer of the Bastards of Imperialism) celebrates two years of bridging the various rock scenes and Beijing with a killer showcase which’ll also double as the debut release from the policatcally charged punk out Bastards of Imperialism. Support from some Beijing regular ass kickers as well as Xinxiang punk band Pumpkins, true torchbearers. 40 RMB (includes album)


MIJI Concert Series #40 at Meridian Space

The MIJI Concert Series is back, for another experimental music performance taking place in a long rectangular room. This time, Subjam brings us 3 experimental sets: a duo by Vietnamese/Austrian duo Parallel Asteroid; another duo by Ake + Zhao Cong; and finally a trio featuring Parallel Asteroid and Zhu Wenbo. 50 RMB


Jackson Tunrer, Longjing, UBC, Crystal C, MC Webber, Zulu Bob, Slogi, Abel X at Yugong Yishan

Reggae and hip hop join forces as ‘Distant Relatives’ hopes to bring together different cultures and musical styles for an evening of god vibing including sets from rappers Jackson Turner (New-York) and Crystal C (Chicago), Longjin, UBC, and more. 120 RMB


Jony J, Easy Boyz Gang, Dragon Well at DDC

Nanjing rapper Jony J looks to put a mirror to the image of material goods, wealth and sex as the goal in life with his latest album. The rising hip hop star will be joined by Beijing’s own rap collective Easy Boyz Gang and more. 100 RMB


Pork, Demerit, Duff Beer at Temple

One of the scene’s most passionate and dedicated punk outfits Demerit join grunge veterans Pork perform tonight at Temple alongside up and coming punk scrappers Duff Beer. FREE


The Dice! at fRUITYSPACE

Spacey noise rock duo continue their residency at fRUITYSPACE, this time performing for the latest painting exhibition from Li Xiangyu and Guo Siban. FREE


Ephemerality, The Tek Dead, Painted Skin, Equal Temperament, N&Y, Haixing at Ao Club

Grrrrrrrrr!! That’s the sound the kids will be making when you venture down to the Qianmen venue for some metal and hard rocking with such mainstays as Ephemerality, Painted Skin and more. 100 RMB


Li Bo at 69 Café

Lead singer of Rosewood Bullets, the rootsy hard rock band that infuses 80s hard rock with a more tender folk twang, goes solo at the couch-filled venue. 60 RMB


The Nightcrawlers at Jianghu Bar

Feel the Chicago blues as The Nightcrawlers get down at the hutong hotspot to ease away those weekday blues. 60 RMB


The Felling Tree, Scott Walker at Mogu Space

Upbeat folk tunes ‘wrapped in delta blues, Americana, and rockabilly’ looks to get you moving in Xizhimen. 60 RMB


Disaster Chat, The Hunters at Hot Cat Club

Indie rock, and digestible grooves to lay into at the Hot Cat Club. FREE


The Groove Collective at Modernista

Multi-national funk rock outfit The Groove Collective present their ‘melting pot of disparate rhythms and fun-loving uproar’ on Baochao Hutong. FREE

Wang Wu at Snail Club

Northeastern Chinese singer-songwriters, Wang Wu, whose loose hair and vibrant voice made him one of the finalists on one of the country’s top rated American Idol clones performs. 50 RMB



Saturday October 22nd


Wonder Sea, The White Papers, Brickleberry, Asakawa Pharmacy, Default at DDC

DDC host the next generation of rockers – a crop of bands that are looking to break out – from the post emo rock stylings of Wonder Sea, to the new wave post punk of The White Papers, these are bands who are eager to be heard. 50 RMB


Mr. Sterile Assembly, The Death Narcissists, DJ Fido at Caravan

New Zealand art punk duo Mr. Sterile Assembly swing by Moroccan hotspot Caravan for some devious fun alongside the ever busy Death Narcissits and DJ Fido. FREE


Candy Monster, Nerve Resistance, The Sweet Escape, Time Street, Next Door Band at Mao Livehouse

Industrial metal, doo wop pop, 8-bit emo rock, and some much more – it’s a varied lineup tonight at Gulou’s Mao Livehouse as Nerve Resistance, Candy Monster, Time Street, and more take the stage. 120 RMB


Bedstars at Mogu Space

The rancidly devious, 70s era punk favorites bring their inebriated riotous sounds to Mogu Space for a special unplugged performance. 60 RMB


Parallel Asteroid (Austria/Vietnam), Mind Fiber, Soviet Pop at fRUITYSPACE

Parallel Asteroid, consisting of Vietnamese pianist/synthesizer player Lan Cao and Austrian saxophonist (among other electronic gizmos) bring their abstract experimental sound to fRUITYSPACE alongside experimental noise acts Mind Fiber (made up of Li Jianhing and Vavabond) and Soviet Pop. 50 RMB


Image Above All, Jump The Fence, Pacalolo at Temple

Get your indie on at Temple with funk rock outfit Image Above All, indie foot tappers Jump The Fence, and electro rock veterans Pacalolo. FREE


ShuangBangEr w/ DJ Wesley, 1043, B-Boy, Jaio Jin at Yugong Yishan

Hip hop continues to strive in Beijing – Double Sticker, formed by Jia Lei and Ou Zi, bring their underground hip hop success story to Yugong Yishan with a slew of hip hop affiliates including 1043 rap team, Jiao Jin, and more. 100 RMB


Bian Yuan at School

Ex frontman of legendary punk rock band Joyside, Bian Yuan continues evolving his solo career, with influences from Leonard Cohen and other singer songwriters, the artist returns to Beijing to conclude his nationwide tour alongside a host of friends and bandmates. 80 RMB 


A.J.K, Drunkard, Laisee, Back, N&Y at 798 Livehouse

798’s old factory venue appropriately hosts some of the scene’s hardest rockers including goth metal veterans Army Of Jade Kirin (A.J.K), hardcore aerobatics Laisee, and grunge renegades Drunkard. 100 RMB


Dongzi at Jianghu Bar

The wise weary-voiced folk veteran Dongzi brings his intimate stories and lyrics to Jianghu Bar. 100 RMB


Time Partner, Day Day Cherry, Windsor Forest at Blessing Livehouse

Britpop, indie pop – however you want to chalk it up – there’s gonna be some swooning and good ol fashion popping going on at the Shuangjing joint. 80 RMB


Without Iron, Hummingbird at Ao Club

My doctors used to tell me I was lacking in the iron department – have to wonder if that’s the deal with this pop heavy hard rock outfit who along with Hummingbird hope to bring their mainstream appeal to the Qianmen outpost. 100 RMB


Jin Song at Modernsky Lab

Lijiang folk singer-songwriter Jin Song swings through Modernsky Lab as a part of his national tour to promote his new EP, Meet You. 100 RMB


Stevie Mac & the Mac Daddies at Hot Cat Club

Inspired by all things classic, pop, and big band, Stevie Mac & The Mac Daddies bring ‘a vintage approach to contemporary music’. Enjoy classic reimaginings from the ever-expanding trope at the Fangjia Hutong venue. FREE


Sunday October 23rd


Demerit, Bedstars, Penecillin, The Sino Hearts, Free Sex Shop, Quick Shot at School

School Bar welcomes back two friends of the Beijing rock n roll – Rupert and Johanna from Vienna – with a stacked showcase of School’s closest affiliates including the always dependable Bedstars, Demerit, Penecillin, Free Sex Shot, as well as Quick Shot, and The Sino Hearts. Bring your weekend mentality cause it’s gonna be a long evening. FREE


Mr. Sterile Assembly (New Zealand), Dead Corner, Ding Chenchen at fRUITYSPACE

New Zealand art punk duo continue their reign of destruction across China with a explosive drum/bass free for all at fRUITYSPACE alongside Beijing party stoppers Dead Corner and Ding Chenchen. 4pm start. 50 RMB


The Samans, Bloody Woods at Yugong Yishan

Changchun folk metal outfit The Samans celebrate ten years of epic composoitons – a visceral combination of Celtic, Viking, and traditional Chinese metal that has ignited crowds for years. 100 RMB


Once And For All at Modernsky Lab

Avant-garde metal outfit Once And For All, one of China’s leader Djent pinoeers (a style of heavy metal music that was developed as a spinoff of traditional progressive metal) strut their latest as part of their China wide tour.  


Bravery in Battle (France) at DDC

Acoustic post-rock outfit from Paris, France bring their melding of styles to DDC as they utilize classical instruments to give the post rock genre a new twist. 80 RMB


The Nightcrawlers at Temple

Chicago blues outfit The Nightcrawlers get their clammy mitts all over Temple Bar for some Sunday fun. FREE

Ember Swift at Hot Cat Club

Ember Swift brings her swag and stylish indie rock to DDC as the longstanding Beijing-based artist presents her latest musings. FREE

Qin Jiannan, Scott Silverman at Jianghu Bar

Jazz maestro performs with his skilled trope alongside fellow guitar picker Scott Silverman. 60 RMB


Nick Parsons, Fofox at 69 Café

A piano-led folk night featuring the talents of regular scene hitters Nick Parsons and Fofox whose Neil Young, Nick Drake, and Pink Floyd renditions and originals will ease you into the new week. 60 RMB

MV Weekly: Wogui de Huoche, Bastards of Imperialism, Boiler Room


What better way to tease your upcoming album than a music video – both Hangzhou dream poppers Wogui de Huoche and Beijing geopolitical punks Bastards of Imperialism present their debut album’s MVs. Plus, a look at Boiler Room’s latest venture into China. Here’s the latest videos to get down with.


OTS: Gatsby In A Daze, Gate to Otherside, Backspace (Yue Space 27.09.2016)


Well that’s about one of the strangest exhibitions I’ve stumbled into. Who would’ve guessed that the 2014 musical dramedy Frank, about an esoteric musical genius would become such an inspiration for artists here (besides the point that the ‘head’ Frank dons in the movie is modeled after Frank Sidebottom aka Chris Sievey)? But that’s exactly what happened with Beijing-based artist’s showcase at Yue Space, featuring some of the Frank inspired pieces. But that’s all just filler for the real story here – new friggin bands – as part of the exhibition the space hosted three bands. I’ve been eager to catch Hangzhou jangly indie rock (with a bit of shoe gaze on the side) outfit Gatsby in a Daze for some time now, and I’m glad I did. While a lot of their performance coasted on charm, the band is chasing after their own sound. It’s wonderfully laid back yet at the same time intricate – a throwback sound that still manages to twist and turn.

Also new to my ears was Backspace – a new Beijing band that delivers tender yet scrappy indie noise rock – a band definitely to keep an eye out for in the near future. And of course the always dependable Gate to Otherside, a band that continues to spout out new songs, and an even darker, dirtier sound that’s screaming to get out. They seem to holding their cards close to their chest at the moment, but fingers crossed we get an album from these cats sooner rather than later.


LBM Mixtape No. 107


Bedstars – I’ll Try (Mogu Space 10.22/School Bar 10.23)

Bastards of Imperialism – Capitalist Curse (School Bar 10.21)

The Death Narcissist – Purity Is Gone (School Bar 10.21/Caravan 10.22)

Racehorses Are Resources – Brush Park Rattle (feat. Soviet Pop & Wendell Harrison) (fRUITYSPACE 10.22)

Wonder Sea – 陈智锴 (DDC 10.22)

The White Papers – 梦 (DDC 10.22)

Pumpkins – 最后的豪饮者 (School Bar 10.21)

OTS: Thug Mills (AUS), Lonely Leary (School 21.09.2016)


No one provides cathartic release quite like Rhys, the scrappy one man wrecking ball whose former Shanghai band Pairs as well as his cumulative support of the music scene in Shanghai and beyond, left a void that has yet to be filled. Candid, aware, crass, and all too honest, Rhys demeanor is the perfect fit for a good ol bit of noise rock and his latest ragtag group, straight outta Melbourne, Thug Mills, proved to be just the fix last month at School Bar. The show, which was to promote the latest Nasty Wizard Recordings release, a split between Thug Mills and Wuhan emo rock hopefuls Chinese Football, was a blast of unhinged anxiety and discontent, equal parts vulnerable and aggressive, and I don’t imagine I’ll be forgetting a line like ‘promise me the grass will grow around my grave’ anytime soon (could actually be ‘won’t grow’ on hundredth listen).

Miss ya already Thug Mills! Opening duties were handled by the spot on Lonely Leary, the stone faced post punk outfit that offers plenty of foot tapping singles and a gleeful sense of rhythm and mischief in their set. More pictures below.


Mixtape of the Week


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