Weekend Update (19/12-21/12)

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Alright, let’s get this done – have slept for three hours in the past two days and am squinting at the computer screen dozing off in the middle of the day in the States listening to Christmas tunes. Must make it to nightfall. Don’t give in to the sandman just yettttttttttt.


In Pictures: Fake Fuzz Fest


There’s already pictures popping up left and right from the Fake Fuzz Fest last weekend (and more to come) but I figured I’d share what I was able to capture amongst all the noise. A glorious grand ol’ time that brought together bands, artists, food entrepreneurs, and more for a Saturday evening buzz and a Sunday burn. Thanks to all who came and participated – and we’ll looking toward April for round two!


OTS: Glow Curve, Colourhunter, Streets Kill Strange Animals (XP 30.11.2014)


So I think it’s official – LBM will now be hosting shows just about every month next year. There’s just too much joy in exposing you folks to what tickles my fancy. And while the ‘Winter Showcase’ at XP didn’t get quite the numbers I had hoped for, the people who showed up with fresh eyes and ears to hear new sounds were more than appreciative. Turning on these lucky few, including interestingly enough, a NYC avant grade club owner in Beijing for a quick minute, was more than enough.

Check out more pictures and videos below from Changsha indie rock outfit Colourhunter (a last minute addition to the evening’s lineup), post punks scrappers Streets Kill Strange Animals, one of Beijing’s most underrated bands, and Glow Curve, who are exploring more and more interesting territory. Plus, a side detour to Guiguisuisui’s alter ego DJ GUIGZ. Three venues down – many more to go.


New Releases: Little Punk, Xina Electronica, jfever x Soulspeak, The Yours

nr 17-12-2014

Alright alright, I’m frantic packing up my things and finishing errands before I bitch out of Beijing for the Christmas holidays but I couldn’t resist throwing out some new releases before I’m sky high. So let’s take a quick garner at some newbies including spilt 7’’s from Little Punk and The Yours, a collaboration between Beijing hip hop artist jfever and Soulspeak, and Xina Eletronica, a compilation album featuring some of the scene’s most interesting electronic artists.


MV Tuesday: Lure, King Lychee, The Horde, DMC x CBCG

MV 16-12-2014

We made it!!! Thanks to everyone who came out this past weekend for Fake Fuzz Fest – it was a roaring success and had an absolute blast of a time. Gonna have to do it again soon so keep your eyes peeled. And now that my body has recovered, it’s time to get back into the groove of things. And what better way than with a late edition of our music video roundup, with fresh visual cuts from Lure, The Horde, King Lychee, and a promo video for this weekend’s upcoming CBCG Tribute show.



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