Interview: Chachy (Round Eye)


photo by Rachel Gouk

Interview Conducted by Michael Cupoli

Round Eye has been kicking out the jams for over 3 years now and has become one of the best live bands around. Over the past several years, they have released a number of records, toured all over the place, and have worked with a lot of great musicians including one of The Stooges. Chachy is the singer and guitar player for Round Eye and he took some time to answer a few questions about Round Eye which includes talking about the late, great Steve Mackay, Daikaiju, and Morgan Short (Smart Beijing, DJ Compact Dicks). Nasty Wizard Recordings will be releasing a more experimental side of Round Eye’s music and has paired them with a great rock band from Mexico called Sierra Leon. The Beijing release show for the tape split with Round Eye and Sierra Leon is December 4th at Temple with support from Motor Bike Girls, 子路, and Noise Arcade.


LBM Mixtape No. 77


Chinese Football – 不是人人都能穿十号球衣 (performs Dec. 4th at School)

Round Eye – City Livin (performs Dec. 4th at Temple)

Re-TROS – A Death-Bed Song (performs Dec. 5th at Yugong Yishan)

Jajatao – Rashomon Sq. (performs Dec. 5th at DDC)

The Eat – Running (performs Dec. 4th at School)

The Diders – Friday Flower (performs Dec. 6th at School)

Residence A – Smell (performs Dec. 5th at DDC)

Alpine Decline – A Sun Is Born (performs Dec. 4th at Modernsky Lab)

Weekend Update (11.27-11.29)

wu 27-11-2015

Think I spoke to soon last week about it being cold – cause that was nothing compared to the temperature drop we’ve been experiencing this week. It’s psychotic. And the only cure for that is a hefty dosing of live music straight into the blood stream. Or not — that could easily backfire in which case, embrace the insanity and wild out with the best of them. It’s the weekend ain’t it!


OTS: Gulou Double Decker Vol. 9 (12.11.2015)


It’s strange to think that this was indeed the last Gulou Double Decker. No ticker tape parade. No blowout. Just our usual righteous showcase of bands deserving of the spotlight. Simply put, it was a honor shedding light on a host of up and comers, dip into Dada for a spell of electronica, and rock out with a very supporting group of folks. For our last hoedown, we were graced by the presence of The Twenties, who surely are a band to be watching come 2016. Melodic and catchy as all hell, with the chops to back it up, the band is the real deal. Don’t let their laid back aura throw you off cause these cats will sneak up right on you and knock ya right off your feet.

Not a bad way to go out. Props to Mr. Feola for taking on Thursdays night once a month with me for the last year. Check out more pictures below from The Twenties as well as the new project from ex-DiD synths hard-ons The Blue Moon and scruffy pop punk trio Redundant Seconds, a last minute replacement to the lineup. Keep an eye on LBM for our next (weekend) showcase at Temple.


New Releases: Do Hits!, Chui Wan, Voice of Wuhan, Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

nr 25-11-2015

The electronic scene’s hottest compilation returns! Maybe Mars rising stars go live! The greatest band name ever present their swan song! And a collection of Wuhan’s up and coming talent! It’s the newest grab bag of releases to plug your headphones into and jam out to. Here’s the latest from Do Hits!, Chui Wan, Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes, and Voice of Wuhan.


Mixtape of the Week


Real Time Gig Map