In Pictures: Inside/Outside Exhibition (Dashilar 23.11.2014)


Spent the weekend sick as a goat – thus, didn’t have the will power to make it out to any venues this weekend to shoot any video or snap any pictures. Nevertheless, I mustered up enough energy Sunday to drag my ass over to Dashilar, the maze of hutongs south of Qiamen, to check out art collective TRIA PRIMA‘s first installation project entitled Inside/Outsideand it was a trip n a half. Part National History Museum of Hutong, part haunted house by way of hutong life, part David Lynch home-style zaniness, the installation was a photographers’ paradise essentially, offering more than enough WTF moments as well as some super intriguing soundscapes manipulated from the most mundane things (i.e. a dripping faucet) three of Beijing’s most prolific experimental artsists, including Li Qing, Li Weisi, and Liu Xinyu. So yeah, my camera and I had a blast and we have the photos to prove it.


Shoutout: Dong Dong Music Festival

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After a successful first outing last year, the Dong Dong Music Festival founded and organized by the Kaigun Culture Center and Gato Loco Productions returns with a vengeance packing in as much music as possible over the course of four days across the Gulou area from November 26th-29th. Besides the hordes of artists from here and abroad, there will be a two-day convention with various speakers and workshops at the Meridian Space for you lucky folks who have jack all shit to do this Thursday and Friday afternoon. Righteous indeed – highlights include French post punk outfit Cheveu, trip hop migrant Fifi Rong, Shanghai post rockers Colourhunter, Wuhan retro electro punks AV Okubo, and alternative pop star CALLmeKAT. Read up on Josh’s picks at SmartBeijing as well as Liz Tung’s picks at Timeout. I’ll leave my picks below the break. To rake in all the goodness jump over to Dong Dong’s headquarters here or download their pdf schedule.


What: Dong Dong Music Festival

Where: Yugong Yishan, DDC, Dada, Migas

When: November 26th-29th

Price: 60-180 RMB (check specific prices here)


MV Monday: 16 mins, Nine Treasures, Guiguisuisui, Fifi Rong

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Alright – time to set loose these videos! We have a slew of videos to inspire, arouse, and intrigue you including a teaser from 16 mins, a skateboard freakout courtesy of King Necro, a badass live video for Nine Treasures, and a sneak peek at one of Dong Dong Festival’s highlights, Fifi Rong. Take a look.


Exclusive: LBM Winter Showcase 29.11

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I’m been itching to do a second show since LBM rocked out School back in June. Not sure why I sat on my hands so long, but it’s finally happening again. Live Beijing Music is proud to present their second outing this year – a ‘Winter Showcase’ featuring some of our favorites acts here. This Saturday, November 29th, we venture to XP, a joint that has fostered some of the scene’s more offbeat rock outfits; bands who take their sound down the rabbit hole; bands who are constantly redefining their sounds. Hyperbole perhaps – but point is, it’s gonna be a rocking good time. We have post punk future shockers Streets Kill Strange Animals, a band that’s been flying under the radar for years in Beijing – a band that’s always ready to kick it up a notch. On top of that we have Glow Curve, the ‘post rock and then some’ authorities who instill their instrumental  grooves with ample amounts of math rock and electronica. Third, we have up and comers Gate to Otherside, who are building quite the buzz with their washed out psychedelic post punk jams that have people freaking. To round out the evening, audiences will be treated the 8-bit concoctions of madman gameboy perv boy DJ GUIGZ, the adolescent alter ego of Guiguisuisui. So yeah, a full house. Winter is coming folks. And what better way to embrace the cold then to snuggle up with a little rock n roll.

What: LBM Winter Showcase

Where/When: XP, Saturday, November 29th 9pm

Who: Gate to Otherside, Glow Curve, Streets Kill Strange Animals, DJ Guigz

Price: 50 RMB (first 25 attendees recieve first LBM Mixtape)

Preview the bands below

Weekend Update (21/11-23/11)

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Releases, anniversaries, international talent, and oh so much more – the threat of winter hasn’t slowed down Beijing one bit. So grab that coat and soak it all in kids – it’s hunting season. And as always, hit up the calendar for more goodies.


Mixtape of the Week


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