In Pictures: s’not another folk show (Hot Cat Club 21.05.2015)

HOTCATCLUB 5 22 2016-066

In case you haven’t noticed Hot Cat Club is in a bit of a resurgence. I mean, it’s always been there, but in just the past six months management has been hard at work putting the Fangjia venue back on the map, with interesting showcases, killer lineups, and a friendlier atmosphere. Just ask around. Folks will tell you the same thing. Our resident photographer (and editor of Precis zine) Stechs made his way over there in late May to check out a folk festival the venue was putting on – a showcase that ended up hosting over 14 folk artists including Ember Swift, Nathan Borofka, Dan Taylor, Kamau, Adriel (a.k.a Octopus Man), Reese’s Ukulele Cluster Cuss, The Leaves, Nick Parsons, Rengran, Uncle Hu, Xu Ming, Ani, Jordan Darling, and Mengma. And from the looks of it, things kicked off quite early. Think it’s high time to set up an event over there once and for all. More pictures below.


OTS: Seippelabel x LiveBeijingMusic (Old What? Bar 21.05.2016)


Nothing better than getting a good crowd of folks at the Old What? Bar for some Saturday night noodling. To say I was surprised when around fifty people showed up at the Forbidden City dive bar is an understatement. Almost surreal. Good on you Beijing! For the event, co-organized by emerging cross-national label Seippelabel, audiences were treated to the lush spacious beats and angst ridden indietronica of Nocturnes, to the blissful post rock soundscaping of SNSOS (by far the standout of the night), to electronic wizard Mengqi getting bassy for the first time, and thruoutin keeping the sense ignited.

Intoxicating sounds indeed. Can’t thank all you beautiful folks out there enough for checking out the event. Old What?! forever!! Check out more pictures below.


New Releases: Wang Shengnan, CNdY, Chacha x j-fever x Tang Renti, FM3

nr june 4

Indie pop with a a bit of spunk, electronica that’s goes straight to your feet, a rap love story set in Shanghai, and some unearthed tracks from a seminal electronic duo – it’s the latest new releases with some choice cuts from Wang Shengnan, CNdY, Chacha, j-fever, Tang Renti, and FM3. Dig in.


OTS: Jajatao, The Harridans, Cave Hand Rod


Chinese opera and grunge collide in Jajatao’s bombastic and downright menacing sound which conjures wicked spirits of the past. At least, that’s the vibe I was getting as I listened to the band, fresh off their nationwide tour to promote their newly released EP, The Rite of Spring, snarl, exorcise, and growl their way through their explosive set at School. And while I was a bit too flabbergasted to shot any footage (as well as dispirited by the number of camera sets in School Bar — which is slowly killing my buzz to even take out my camera anymore) I highly recommend catching these cats in the flesh – they’re the real deal. However, while I was impressive and honored to catch both Jajatao and the high kicking, high spirited rock and roll glam of The Harridans, it was the opening band which left jaws on the floor. A grindcore band living pure and true to their genre, with songs about tapes worms in your bumhole, protests against maxipads, and some dude dressed up as the most terrifying Ronald McDonald. Cave Hand Rod (even the name stops me in my tracks) went the extra mile, with props, gusto, and a large dose of batshit crazy which had folks foaming at the mouth.

Definitely need to bring these kids to a daycare center sometime. Check out more pictures below, courtesy of my main man Stechs, always getting the nitty gritty of these events.


In Pictures: CNdY (Modernsky Lab 14.05.2016)


This was my first real foray into Modern Sky’s new digs in the Galaxy SOHO. I’m walked the premises before during an afternoon shindig, but to see Modernsky Lab in all it’s nighttime glory is something else. They’ve snagged a swell location, one that feels cut off from the rest of Gulou and from the rest of the city. In many ways it’s the urban equivalent of Dos Kolegas, where patrons have multiple places to set up shop – whether it’s the sunken corridor outside, or the DJ room where folks can lounge by the bar, or the actual music space – a narrow 7 x 14 meter room that packs up pretty quickly. All in all, despite the mammoth that is Modern Sky and all it’s corporate greed, it’s a chill place to spend an evening. We went there to caught electronic trio CNdY, who were dropping their latest EP, You, and to celebrate the occasion they tried giving away free Four Locos, a drink that was banned in the US for being the possible cause of giving eighteen-something-year-olds heart attacks. And despite the fact that CNdY’s brand of hyped up, acid techno should be playing at the midnight hour and not ten o clock, and the hype man using his potty mouth too much, I very much enjoyed the atmosphere provided by the trio and venue. Looking forward to stopping by again. More pictures below.


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