LBM Offline: Gulou Double Decker Vol. 6


206 Gulou Dong Dajie gets dark and enraged for the next installment of the Gulou Double Decker – a monthly series held simultaneously in Dada and Temple – the butt crack of Beijing’s blistering hot music scene – by local promoters Live Beijing Music and paangbianr. Your average night out this ain’t. Electronica, pop, grunge, hardcore – both upstairs and downstairs – will be filling the (smokeless!) air tonight, keeping your heads bumping and those fists flying. Upstairs, Temple gets riotous as they host up and coming hardcore punks Chaos Kills The Pain and Ice Moon, both fresh off their debuts and out for blood. Joining them will be crisp grunge revisionists Jajatone, the talk of the town – dudes use a suona! Meanwhile downstairs at Dada, we’ve got ourselves another ‘too much shit on the table situation’ as four separate electronic duo teams bring the A-game, including JDK-X, the new tag team of Josh Frank (of Hot and Cold) and Thin Gaze, FM3老赵 x Charm, two of the scene’s hardest workers, School Girl Report, and Jia Huizhen, bringing their electro pop wonders to the club. So call into work late, fill on grub, and bring your game face, cause it’s time for volume six of the Gulou Double Decker!!


What: Gulou Double Decker Vol. 6

When: Thursday, July 9th

Where: Temple/Dada


Chaos Kills The Pain

Ice Moon



Jia Huizhen


FM3老赵 x Charm

School Girl Report

Weekend Update 03.07-05.07

wu 03-07-2015

While there are plenty of stellar shows going down this weekend, I demand each of you go out and pay your respects to XP, who will be closing up shop for good by Sunday night. The place has been a safe haven for Beijing’s music. Experimental, punk, indie, electronica – no matter the sound – the venue welcomed it. So without further a due, here’s your weekend update.


OTS: Gulou Double Decker #3 (16.04.2015)

Geez, this was some time ago. With the sixth edition of the Gulou Double Decker going down next Thursday, I thought it would be nice to look back at some of the mayhem that transpired in the previous installments held at Temple and Dada. April saw a killer lineup that included the now extinct Mammals, post punk groovers Lonely Leary, indie rock rookies The Eat, slowly becoming on the scene’s shining stars, and Maxime Petit, a one man bass hero, in town as a part of a nation wide tour. A pretty wicked after hours rock fest, one that ended with balloons, confetti, and all around goofiness.

Be sure to check back in next Thursday for our sixth installment of the Gulou Double Decker with Chaos Kills The Pain, Jajatone, and Ice Moon. Below you can find more pics.


New Releases: iimmune, 16 mins, Damacha, Torturing Nurse/Apparatus 1

nr 02-07-2015

Harsh noise legends, electronica up and comers, and alternative rock veterans getting their mojo back. From Shanghai to Beijing; via Germany and the US. From elaborate layered tracks to sparse lullabies. And of course, ‘the sound of a tool chest falling down the stairs’. Let’s get right into it already, with the newest releases from iimmune, 16 mins, Damacha, Torturing Nurse, and Apparatus 1.



Interview: Serbey Gubka

Clement Pony aka Serbey Gubka is one of the founding members of Acid Pony Club and was one fourth of Death to Ponies. Acid Pony Club is one of the best DJ and live electronic groups to come out of Shanghai via France. So good in fact, they actually got some awards for it. Clement and Laura Ingalls of APC teamed up with Death to Giants to form Death to Ponies which was an experimental improv group that was quite heavy and put on amazing shows. Currently, Clement is working on a new band called Future Gaze and his new solo project Serbey Gubka. Nasty Wizard Recordings will be releasing Serbey Gubka tape as part of the Better Than A Glory Hole Series at Too Much Shit On The Table Vol 3 on July 2nd at DDC. Now it’s time to find out why Clement thinks he is better than a glory hole. It’s a difficult question we must all ask ourselves.

Interview conducted by Michael Cupoli

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