Weekend Update (09.10-11.10)

wu 09-10-2015

So it’s the weekend kinda. I don’t know – this week’s been kinda funky. Am I working tomorrow? Does living outside the second ring road make me a monster? Question folks, questions. Alas, whatever your Saturday and Sunday entails the music continues without a hitch, with some killer lineups to get your blood flowing. Check it out —- and as always dig into the newly updated calendar for all your October needs.


LBM Mixtape No. 69


Proximity Butterfly – Running
Wootacc – Air China
Hang on the Box – There Is A City
Buyi – 空间
Dawenxi – Tick-Tock
Liquid Oxygen Can – 痛苦
The 16th Floor – The 16th Floor

In Pictures: Lonely Leary, Gate to Otherside, Death Narcissists (Temple 24.09.2015)


Debauched, ridiculous, and yes, quite groovy – local playboy and jinjiu connoisseur Chairman Wow threw a hell of a ‘birthday’ bash – his second one in two months – an shameless excuse to get down and dirty at Temple in a psychedelic whirlwind of rock and roll. And why the not? Armed with a liquid projector (putting a transparent container with colored liquids in it on the overhead projector), a bubble machine, and a smoke machine – which got more and more out of hand as the night rode on, submerging the band and crowd in a fog of smoke – Chairman Wow gave Temple a hell of a hungover as three of the years best new bands – post punks Lonely Leary, indie psych outfit Gate to Otherside, and grunge-gazed punks Death Narcissists – strut their stuff. Dangerously fun times. Check out more twerked out photos – one of the few times I’ve tied to capture the spirit of the event.

More Pictures Below

Upcoming: Beijing Cassette Store Day (17.10.2015)


This October, the nastiest wizards in town are celebrating International Cassette Store Day with an all day and evening bash across Gulou. Things kick off late afternoon at Beijing’s premier record store, fRUITYSHOP, where resident acoustic ramble Dan Taylor is joined by electronic drone radical Noise Arcade perform alongside up and coming experimental collective Extremist Religious Group. Good vibes, ambient tunes, and all the records and tapes you can handle. Next stop is DDC, just a half kilometer away, where friends, artists, and partygoers get down with the venue’s signature BBQ. Expect grilled meats, skewered vegetables, and plenty of other treats including a very special tape DJ set from a special guest. Then after our bellies are filled, the real ruckus begins with live music from some of Beijing’s most sought after up and comers, including indie rockers The Eat, post punk feet movers Lonely Leary, melodic post rock trio Juju, and schizoid math rock trouble makers Fake Weed, whose performance will one of their very last. Tapes will be made avaialble all day and evening including the latest from Nasty Wizard Recordings, Zoomin’ Night, 87Fei87, Frequency Asia and more. Grab your tickets early here.

Food, music, and tapes —– what more could you ask for!?!


fRUITYSHOP 4pm Lineup (Free)

Extremist Religious Group

Dan Taylor

Noise Arcade


 Special tape DJ Set

DDC 8pm Lineup (50/60 RMB)

Lonely Leary

The Eat

Fake Weed



New Releases: Chinese Football, The Randy Abel Stable, Djang San + Octavio, Alpine Decline

nr 02-10-2015

Synth-layered gospel, indie pop sweetness, alt-country barn burners, and space-themed art pop – it’s a hot bed of great music to get lost in including a staggering debut from Chinese Football, the epic transformation of Alpine Decline, as well as the latest from Djang San and The Randy Abel Stable. Have at it.


Mixtape of the Week

Real Time Gig Map