Interview Round Table: Spring ROMP

interview spring rompLBM thought it be fun to shine a lil spotlight on this weekend’s SPRING ROMP, being held at DDC on April 2nd, and the eclectic group of bands we’ve invited. And really, this lineup is all over the place – not just stylistically, but geographically, with bands making the trip up from Tianjin, Baoding, and Xinxiang. We decided to ask a few quick questions to each of the bands – Pumpkins, Lonely Leary, Division Control, Qianchuan Drugstore and Briefs Dryer. Enjoy and don’t forget to pick up your presale tickets here!


In Pics: thruoutin, The First Medal, Los Crasher, Ramblin Roze (Dada/Temple 23.03.2017)


Swung by the one-two punch combo of Dada and Temple (three if you add in the very questionable tequila shot at E&A Livehouse, a venue that ceases to bewilder me) last week to check out the new release from our old pal thruoutin, whose Contingent of Outlying Territory makes quite the tonal shift in the artist’s prior repertoire – utilizing everything from Chicago footwork to field recordings, to create a dizzying club floor concoction. Beijing rapper j-fever even felt compelled enough to grab the mic for an ‘on the spot’ freestyle. Dope sounds indeed. However, with Temple just a stairwell away, it’s hard not to get sucked into the boisterous rock and roll antics from time to time (and grab a wee drink) – so had the opportunity to catch snippets of the tight-jeaned, classic rock evoking melodies of Ramblin Roze, Los Crasher, and The First Medal. Such luscious locks.


In Pics: Mike Watt & the Missingmen (US) x Round Eye (DDC 18.03.2017)


I know next to nothing about Minutemen – just like everything else cool they completely flew under my radar throughout my adolescence. But in Chachy we trust. You see – the frontman for Round Eye has been treating yours truly to some of the sickest acts for years. Bands, both big and small, from the wildly riotous Daikaiju to legends like Steve fuckin McKay, Chachy and Round Eye have turned me on to a lot of good shit and more importantly help build the China tour circuit for generations of international bands. So when it was announced that they were returning to Beijing with Mike Watt, bassist of Minutemen, Firehouse, and the reunited Iggy Pop & The Stooges, I was already in. But then I gave Double Nickels on the Dime a listen and began kicking myself immediately for not having this in my life earlier. Visceral, cynically alluring, and provoking – it’s influence has clearly endured. And while a wisdom tooth surgery left my jaw and brain rattling in pain, it was awesome and strangely pain reliving to watch Mike Watt & the Missingmen stir up a storm at DDC alongside, of course, Round Eye, the bundle of exploding id they are, as well as the always dependable Streets Kill Strange Animals (who are based out of Nanjing now – lameeee) and The Swinging Barbarellas. Check out Mike Watt’s pretty hilarious and endearing tour dairy and watch out Round Eye’s latest MonsterVision (aka my childhood) out in April.


LBM Mixtape 121 混音带



Qi Zitan 祁紫檀 – 吃香菜后的呓语  (Hangzhou/self-released)

Dabozz 大包子 – Tokyo Lover~Hell Sent Me~ (Nanjing/self-released)

Qianchuan Drugstore 浅川药店乐队 – Chinatown (Beijing/self-released)

Chinese Football – Electric Girl 电动少女  (Wuhan/VOX Records)

Pumpkins小南瓜乐队 – The Very Last Toper  (Xinxiang/Converse)

Gate to Otherside – Don’t Get Emotional  (Beijing/Maybe Mars)

Forsaken Autumn – Touch  (Shanghai/self-released)

Interview: Cosmic Child (Singapore)

Press Shot 1 copy

I’ve become a bit of a shoegaze junkie as of late. There’s something comforting about being drenched in dreamy nostalgia and shit tons of reverb that simply tinkles my fancy. So when Singaporean label Middle Class Cigars reached out to me I jumped at the opportunity to dive into what was brewing down south in the Lion City. The label is bringing up shoegazers Cosmic Child for a five-city China tour, one that kicked off in Hong Kong last weekend. The band whose ‘pastel-washed dreamscapes’ are ever present in their 2016 debut Untitled, finishes up their tour with a stop at Beijing’s Hot Cat Club this Friday, March 31st. I was lucky enough to have a chat with frontman Zhang Bo about nostalgia, lethal recording experiences, and the indie scene in Sinagapore and beyond.