MV Monday: Joyside, The Yours, 929, Moonface

mv 15-09-2014
Plenty of videos treats for you to gorge on this fall (yippee!) afternoon, including a short documentary on one of underground rock first success stories of the early oughts, Joyside. Also, music videos from recent Maybe Mars label mates The Yours, out of Hong Kong, Taiwesnes pop rockers 929, and an Montreal import I’m super duper excited about, Moonface. Check it all out below.


Weekend Update (12/09-14/09)

wu 12-09-2014

It’s a jammed packed weekend folks – big outings everywhere and I’m not even touching upon the massive amount of electronic showcases about town (Dada Friday night for the win). It’s a feast out there some bring your bib, cause it’s gonna get messy. And as always, check out the calendar for all your queries.


New Releases: Tongue, Moxizishi, Xiaoxinyiyi, The XP Sound

nr 11-09-2014

Some big big releases coming those the airwaves these days – the return of yaogun greats Tongue; the emergence of soon-to-be folk sensation Moxizishi , the latest power pop anthem out of Shanghai, Xiaoxinyiyi, and a nicely put together compilation from the folks at Maybe Mars and XP. Get at it and relish the tunes.


MV Wednesday: Finger Family, Song Dongye, Yunggiema, Hyenaz

mv 09-09-2014

Catch up is the name of the game – after a holiday stint and taking it from the man allc weekend it’s time to get back to business by blasting your eyeballs with these visual treats including fresh cuts from pop punk outfit Finger Family, folk sensation Song Dongye, world music beauty Yunggiema, and Berlin synth wave duo Hyenaz. Check it.


OTS: Watermelon Can, 95th Factory (MAO 09.08.2014)

watermelon can pic 2

Back in early August I had the privilege of interviewing a bunch of cigarette smoking, horse owing, smart, snotty, wise-cracking, kids on the cusp of graduating. Good stuff. Well, soon after I stopped by Mao Livehouse for a show organized by said kids and well, yes, they have much to learn, there’s something beguiling in seeing high schoolers lay it all bare on stage. Just imagine this – these three young lads you see in the video below, have just begun their last year of high school and are probably home right now doing their homework. Bogus.

High school kids deserve their moment in the sun too – check out more from Watermelon Can and 95th Factory below.


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