New Releases: Pokemon Dad, Wan Xiaoli, Zuriaake, Tookoo

nr 31-03-2015

The new tunes keep piling in suggesting that the scene is indeed growing and developing, whether or not the people in the big house want it that way. So let’s get word out and give these new release their proper due including new albums from Jinan depressive metal outfit Zuriaake, urban folk artist Wan Xiaoli, Shenzhen math rock outfit Pokemon Dad, and veteran emo rock group Tookoo.


MV Monday: Wan Xiaoli, Hiperson, 16 mins, Lone

mv 29-03-2015

Things are looking grimmer and grimmer for the local scene, with multiple reports of cancellations, and shut down venues reigning in. Will the scene be chocked to to near death or will this rain (holy shit, it’s raining) wash this excremental situation away? Time will tell, but till them I’m gonna stay hopeful as I gorge on these latest music videos from Wan Xiaoli, Hiperson, 16 mins, and Lone.


LBM Offline: Spring Fever (DDC 04.04.2015)

Spring Fever Poster Draft1 copy

You feel that in the air? Cause ‘Spring Fever’ is coming to DDC on April 4th for the Qingming Holiday as Live Beijing Music throws down with this seaming hot mess of a show featuring some of the scenes most feral and electrifying performers for an all-evening rager. Bring out your dead and reign in the spring time as ‘hardware electronica band’ white + join rip-roaring sweaty party rockers Round Eye (making the trip up from Shanghai), post punks scrappers Streets Kill Strange Animals, red hot garage psych punk duo Luv Plastik, and noise techno tag team Fratricide all vow to get your ass moving. Oh and a very special guest (hint: bring your vaccines). We’ll have our favorite food vendors supplying hefty snacks and sandwiches to keep your stamina going and will have a special cider treat from LBM’s metal correspondent. The shenanigans get started early so bring your game face. On a side note, this party will also be doubling as my wedding celebration, so expect an old dude in a bandana (aka Papa Griff) to be rocking out as my mom tries her hardest not to piss herself laughing, my sister flirts it up with the fine ‘gentlemen’ of Beijing, and my brother attempts to look like he’s above this nonsense. Gotta love it!


What: LBM presents ‘Spring Fever’ (douban link)

Where: DDC (Dusk Dawn Club)

14 Shanlao Hutong, Dongcheng District


When: Saturday April 4th, 6pm start

Ticket: 50 (presale)/ 60 (door)


white +

Round Eye

Streets Kill Strange Animals

Luv Plastik


Secret Guest (?!)

LBM Mixtape #46



Weekend Update (27.03-29.03)

wu 27-03-2015

The weekend has cometh and I can’t be more excited. Some big showcases this weekend, with enough bang for your buck to make you forget about that 50 rmb cocktail you just devoured without remorse. So hit the road, grab a family pack of yanjings, and take in the sweet sweet sounds of the night. And as always check out the events page for more.


Mixtape of the Week

Real Time Gig Map