Weekend Update (17.04-19.04)

wu 16-04-20155

Rain, sandsorms, blistering heat, breezy chills, and blue skies – it’s a freak show outside as of late – proof that springtime is one unsatisfied dude. So enjoy it while it lasts, cause next thing you know, it’ll be summer. And what better way then to hit the road, and partake in some of these musical escapades this weekend. Oh, and as always, check out our calendar for more.


OTS: Ouch, Liang Wei (School 27.03.2015)


Oh how I miss ya School. After my phone shat the bed and I was left with zero contact with the outside world, I decided to grab my camera and waltz on over to School to see if I’d bump into anyone I know. And am I ever glad I did. Seminal punk outfit Ouch, one of the earlier punk bands to kick-start the scene, gave a heated, energized performance to a packed and zealous audience. It didn’t matter who you were, this was a family affair for all to partake in. We were even treated to a surprise appearance from Liang Wei, the frontman for 69, one of the earliest punk bands to hit the scene in the 1990s and part of the Wuliao Contingent, the collective which brought together Brain Failure, Reflector, 69, and A-Boys. Punk royalty indeed.

Lots of sweating, lots of moshing, lots of drunken chanting – my kind of School. Check out below for more videos from Ouch! as they tear it up, spit it out, and turn the joint into a glorious spectacle.


New Releases: Pumpkins, Little Wizard, Lure, Wu Tong

nr 15-04-2015

Punks out of Xinxiang, math wizards hailing from Shaoxing, funk rockers in Beijing, and multi-national composers classing it up. It’s a big place with plenty of sounds to indulge in. Here’s the latest releases Pumpkins, Little Wizard, Lure, and Wu Tong.


OTS: Wang Shengnan (21.03.2015)


Last week we looked at the opening event of this year’s JUE Festival and now we’ll have a look at the closing event, once again held at Yugong Yishan. There was a bunch of stuff stacked in between, mainly shows at Dada that were dope in every which way, but this was the only other time the camera came along for the ride. And while the indie pop scene doesn’t get much love around these parts, I’m finding myself more and more drawn to the diamonds in the rough – the artists who are pushing the genre forward, flipping it upside down, and examining it in different ways. That’s where Wang Shengnan comes in. The Beijing-raised singer-songwriter has been chipping away at the scene since she gained recognition for her role a musical directed by New Pants’ lead guitarist Peng Lei. And from the sound of it, it looks him we’ll be hearing a lot more from her in the near future.

Indie pop with catchy melodies, a voice that’s robust, and genuine emotion on display. Count me in. Check out below for more videos and pics.


MV Monday: AM444, Djang San, JUE Festival, Hong Qile

mv 13-04-2015

Cutting it close with this whole ‘Monday’ thing – but hey, we all need an excuse to not go out tonight, right. So tell your work mates or that hot date they’re gonna have to hold off cause you need to sit back, relax, and hang back with these video delights, including new media from AM444, Djang San, Hong Qile, and a JUE Festival recap.


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