LBM Offline: Gulou Double Decker #2 (12.03.2015)

GDD2_temple WEB copy

After a riotous first outing, pbr and Live Beijing Music double down once again at the vortex of all that is unholy, 206 Gulou Dong Daijie, raging out with simultaneous lineups of infectious, dirty, unhinged fun. Yup, it’s everyone’s mom’s favorite, the Gulou Double Decker #2, and this time we’re upping the stakes as the evening also double (triples) as the opening rager of the JUE Festival this year. So expect debauchery only of the highest order. None of that half-assed shit. Upstairs at everyone’s favorite faux pirate bar, Temple, LBM will be presenting three new ‘dangerous’ sounds that are eying to make 2015 their year, including New Wave electro rock kids DiD, grunge party rockers Death Narcissists, and psychedelic shoegazers Solaris. To top it off, we’re bringing in premier punk legends Gum Bleed, a band that knows a thing of two about giving their all. Meanwhile, downstairs at everyone’s favorite bingo night venue, Dada, pbr has cooked up quite the lineup, including Danish producer DJ HVAD, whose joined by a horde of Beijing’s most righteous drummers getting their electronica on including Hedgehog / Nova Heart’s Shi Lu, white+ / The Gar’s Wang Xu, and Da Bang’s Linan as well as FRATRICIDE, Josh Frank, Jerry Chan, and Menghan. With Jeff Yiu on visuals. Phew. Stacked indeed. Better call in sick in advance for Friday morning, cause this baby is gonna be going late. Full details below. 


What: Gulou Double Decker #2

When: Thursday, March 12th

 Where: Temple/Dada

Ticket: Free (Temple) 30 RMB (Dada)



Gum Bleed (punk)

Solaris (psychedelic shoegaze)

Death Narcissists (grunge)

DiD (new wave)


DJ HVAD (Denmark)

Wang Xu (white +/The Gar)

Linan (Da Bang)

Shi Lu (Hedgehog/Nova Heart)

Josh Frank (improvised electronic drum + synth)

Menghan (happy dark dance music)

Jerry Chan (just dark music)

Compact Dicks (reads the room, flips the script)

all-night VJ: Jeff Yiu


Happy Chinese New Year!!!!!!


While LBM’s away for the Chinese New Year, we’ll be making a few changes to the LBM interface and site that I think will please many of you including…

- server will now be based out of Hong Kong so you locals won’t need a VPN 24/7 to access the site

- a new calendar that’s easier to use and doesn’t rely on Google

- a multi language interface (well, we’ll see about this one but fingers crossed)

- WeChat account so you can get LBM on the go


So please stay put, indulge in LiveBeijingMusic’s youku and youtube channels, blast our newest Mixcloud mix that features my favorite tracks of January, prepare for the JUE Festival where LBM and pangbianr will throw the opening festivities, and read up on more of LBM’s picks over at And Of Other Things…’s gonna be a lovely year of the ram!!!!


In Pictures: Never Say Die, Bastards of Imperialism (Temple 07.02.2015)

BOI Temple 2 7 2015-084

Chris Stechs love his metal. Simply adores it. So it was no surprise to find him over at Temple on February 7th, flashing his camera like a madman, whilst the joint held it’s annual ‘Heavy Metal night’ which included sets from Never Say Die and The Bastards of Imperialism. This is Temple in its element, some debauchery and hooliganism are not only encouraged but mandatory.  Browse through the shitshow below.


Friends: Frequency Asia


Over the years, my tastes have expanded beyond Beijing, finding exciting new sounds from every little nook and cranny China has to offer. And while that’s a well that’ll never dry, I’ve been finding myself exposed and more importantly, intrigued by what looms in the rest of Asia soundwise. Hence, why I’m been all over Frequency Asia. The podcast, run by Luke Hansford, a former Beijing resident (and founder of Jingweir) now residing in Singapore, collects a variety of fresh tunes from around Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Australia, China, etc.) and presents them on the hour plus long sessions. And more recently, he has been approaching it with a more journalistic eye, including interviews and little snapshots of history including his most recent – a ‘History of Yaogun’, which gives a startlingly (though all too brief) satisfying chorological oral history of the yaogun scene. Which is something I’m been dying to get as since reading Red Rock: The Long, Strange March of Chinese Rock & Roll – music history without the music just really doesn’t cut it. So thanks Frequency Asia! You’ve earned a slot on my ‘Friends’ – which is like the highest honor that could ever be bestowed upon you. You made it. Bump it over here.

MV Monday: The Boys, Proximity Butterfly, Meng Qi, Death To Ponies

mv mon

Stuck in the succubus that is Xi’an – which is unfair as it’s a lovely city – but when you’re stuck without internet having food stuffed down your throat whilst binge watching whatever gala-esque variety jerk fest that’s on television as a tiny rodent dog tries to dry hump you at every opportunity – yeah, it’s a bit rough. Things we do for love. So in my spare few hours of freedom, I’m gonna check back into reality by indulging myself on vids, vids, and more vids, including new visual stimuli from Proximity Butterfly, Meng Qi, Death to Ponies, and The Boys.


Mixtape of the Week

Real Time Gig Map