Weekend Update 这周末 12/09-12/11


Spicy hotpot, hot chocolate, and feet warmers – just a few of my favorite things to indulge in during the winter season. But what really gets my blood going during these frigid months? Ridiculously dangerous decibels levels and enough bass to blow-dry my hair. So if you’re idea of a good time is bleeding perversely from your eardrums look no further cause your weekend gig guide is here to save the day! And a little heads up: Live Beijing Music will be throwing a pre-Christmas bash at DDC in a couple weeks – so if mulled wine and some of the season’s freshest talent sounds nice – come join us!


In Pictures: Guiguisuisui, Gum Bleed, Round Eye (Caravan 25.11.2016)


Hot damn! That’s how you throw down for a wedding. Caravan hosted the wonderfully beautiful (and surly) wedding party for Guiguisuisui aka Dann and Sue at the end of last November and it was really was something. I could blab on and on about how wonderful those two are, but what amazes me is how quickly a wedding celebration breaks you down and brings out the best in you. Spirits were high, drinks were flowing, and even Round Eye made the trek up from Shanghai for the occasion. Best of though was Caravan (filling in last minute for Temple) whose hospitality and homey vibe was the perfect setting for the joyous punk hoedown, which saw Gum Bleed (lead singer Dee joined the 29 Club that evening as well) and Mr. Gaymer himself bring their A-game. These folks in here – some of the finest this city has to offer. Friends and family – what more could you ask for. Enjoy the event through the inebriated lens of yours truly (I don’t think I once looked through the viewfinder) and once again congratulations to the bride and groom – may your best years be ahead of you.


New Releases: Atta Girl, Panic Worm, Djang San, Lofimaker


Slacker dream pop out of Shenzhen, future bass meets the ancestral music of China’s diverse culture, a young post punk band out of Wuhan breaks out, and a Beijing veteran releases his 39th album – it’s the latest music from an array of bands and artists including the newest from Atta Girl, Lofimaker, Panic Worm, and Djang San.


In Pictures: SISU (USA), Pacalolo (School 20.11.2016)


Remember a time when singers could have a beautiful full-bodied voice and still rock out? Cause something strange happened when watching the LA-based band Sisu and its singer Sandy Vu, crush one hauntingly gorgeous chorus after another at School Bar last month – I’ve realized the number of rock bands with genuine female singers is lacking here in Beijing. Authentic, properly trained singers who can hold a melody and whose voice draws you in. And while there’s nothing wrong with bands whose singers do what I describe as ‘shout singing’ it was nice to see a band with some serious vocal talent behind it’s icy cool, rock hard synth-flavored cold new wave rock. A surprisingly soothing way to end the weekend. Supporting duties were taken up by Pacalolo, the bubbly electro rock (now) duo, whose music perplexes and fascinates me to no end – in the best possible way – retro-flavored neo-kitsch rock and roll that blindsides you with its energy and fervor.


LBM Offline: LBM Xmas Bash (DDC 23.12.2016)


Christmas comes early this year as Live Beijing Music and DDC team up for a special holiday treat – a pre-Christmas rager on Friday, December 23rd with a red hot lineup that’ll keep your toes nice and toasty, and your spirits high. With a lineup that includes bands on the brink of breaking out, one of 2016’s rookies of the year, a class act that’s been receiving praise for years, and a super secret guest band that we’ll slowly reveal before the big day – there’s something for everyone at this musical feast. First up, the big guns: Out of Control (OOC) have been rocking the circuit for over eight years with their infectious blend of hard rock, blues, and funk that’s earned them quite the diehard fan base – these boys have got swagger and the chops to back it up. Also: one of my top bands of the year, december3am, return to DDC with their hypnotic Inner Mongolian infused krautrock which has to be seen to be believed – two musicians simply at the top of their game going down some roads musically not often explored. Next: jangly indie rock band Backspace has only been active since late this summer, but that hasn’t stopped them from picking up some serious traction – opening for bands across China, recording with the one and only Yang Haisong, and joining underground indie collective Nerd Noise — expect big things from these cats in 2017. Does hard Italian industrial electro rock get your blood flowing? Then best be ready for The Glamour Manifesto, a band originally from Venice who have toured all around the world, sharing the stage with such acts like The Virgins, The Chemical Brothers, and more. The Italian duo recently teamed up with Beijing-based Danish producer Jelly and look to elevate their game even further. Last but not least, our secret Santa band – a band us here at Live Beijing Music have been championing. A band that’s been hard at work the past couple months recording their much anticipated debut. A band that’s becoming a staple of the post rock scene —- well, you’ll just have to wait and see. Five bands, five styles – a rocking good time. The festivities will be accompanied by DDC’s infamous mulled wine and the venue will be decorated unlike anything else. Christmas only comes once a year, and whether or not you celebrate it – there’s no better excuse to go all out!

Date: Friday, December 23rd 12月23日 8pm
Where: DDC (Shanlao Hutong NO.14, Dongcheng District)

Ticket: 50/60 RMB (link)




The Glamour Manifesto


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