New Releases: AV Okubo, Noise Arcade/thruoutin, Yan Liang

nr 16-04-2014 Perhaps I was getting a bit too ambitious with four new releases a week – no way I can keep up with that. No worries, where they are new releases I’ll be there shouting the good word. This week you’re in a treat, with Maybe Mars’ latest release, te second album from electro punks AV Okubo, as well as the second spilt between electronic renegades Noise Arcade and thruotuin, as well as a little rock pop from Yan Liang. Check it out.

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Upcoming: 2014 MIDI Music Festival


Alright, so caught a little slack for not releasing the Strawberry Lineup immediately and waiting for the other trojans to get a stab at it first – but screw it, have to wait another week for Game of Thrones anyway so here it is. The 2014 MIDI Music Festival lineup has been released folks and as per usual it’s chock full of MIDI regulars, which, depending on who you are, might be flipping rad or ragingly dull. Your choice? Oh, and an alarming number of Danish bands. Personally, while Strawberry may bag the better bands, MIDI makes up for it twenty fold with their attitude and spirit. No long lines, no lame security, none of that nonsense – just friendly people, enthusiastic bands, and a shit ton of flags. It’s being held out by  Kuangbiao Paradise near the west 6th ring road, so keep your eyes peeled for updates on how the hell to get out there. Tickets can be grabbed here for a cheap 120 RMB (per sale) per day or a 300 RMB three-day pass. Looking pretty good folks. Check out the full schedule below.

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LBM Exclusive: Broke China Tour


My first Strawberry Festival I was unsure of what was in store for me. I mean, this was China – I was coming in with as fresh ears as one could. What awaited me was not at all what I expected – my ears were bombarded with the electro punk stylings of Reptile Youth, a Danish duo, who were prancing around on stage shirtless like coked-out carnies. Despite the scorching heat and early time slot, the two Danes had managed to whip the entire audience into a frenzy – a frenzy that I wouldn’t soon forget. Mads Bergland of Reptile Youth felt the love too, and he returns to Beijing this week with Broke, his latest digitalized post punk assault alongside Simon Littauer. The band has been receiving quite good press back in Europe and Live Beijing Music along with Bamboo Bridges are proud to set them off on their first China tour. Performing this Thursday, April 17th, at XP the duo kick off a six city tour that’ll end at the MIDI Festival in Shanghai and Beijing. Check out the tour schedule below and catch up with their sound over on their douban page.

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Upcoming: 2014 Strawberry Music Festival


As we inch closer and closer to ‘MayDay’, Strawberry and MIDI are slowly firing up the coal stacks to let audiences now what the deal is this year. And as per usual, Strawberry has gotten in the paperwork first, having just unleashed their three-day lineup. The 2014 Strawberry Festival hosted by China music giants Modern Sky, will take place Thursday May 1st to Saturday May 3rd, at the conveniently located Tangzhou Canal Park out on the Batong Line (or if you’re smart enough come in from the back using Line 6). The festival has rounded up some pretty big international names, including French electronic duo Justice, US post rock giants Explosions in the Sky, and AC Slater (ugh). However, what impresses most is the stellar local lineup, which though doesn’t offer much of anything new, is chock full of talent. Going to Strawberry has become increasingly annoying year after year, but it’s hard to say seeing this many solid bands in one go. My money’s on Day 2. Check out the full lineup below (which was honorably translated by Josh over at SmartBeijing).

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MV Monday: Noise Arcade, AV Okubo, Dissident

mv 14-04-2014 banner

Alright, feast your eyes are those musical appetizers, as we got a big week ahead of us – festival lineup reveals, LBM’s first sponsored showcase, and a trip to Shanghai which’ll hopefully not end like my previous Saturday night with those freaks of nature. Take a look at AV Okubo throwing down some tracks, another headtrip from electronic artist Noise Arcade, and a cute tour preview for Shenyang metal outfit Dissident. Have a look.

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