Weekend Update (24/07-27/07)

wu 24-07-2014

Celebrations, openings, Shanghai invaders – a lot of happenings about town this weekend to sink your teeth into so no reason to sit on your ass this weekend discussing how much of a dick Putin is, where your student loans magically disappeared to, or god forbid is it inhumane to walk your crab. Screw that noise with noise of a different ilk. Onwards! Oh, and as always hit up the calendar for the rest of the weekend festivities.


New Releases: Sucker, The Machinery of Other Skeletons, Daydreamer, TOKILL & Jfever

nr 23-07-2014

Time to jump around a bit for this week’s newest releases – punk from Xian, death metal and melodic indie pop outta Shanghai and experimental hip hop from all the way down in Kunming (via Beijing and Taiwan). Yup, an eclectic offering this week so let’s get right into it – here’s the latest from Sucker, The Machinery of Other Skeletons, Daydreamer, and a collaboration between TOKILL and Jfever. Get at it.



Shoutout: DDC Opening Party

db049833bcfcf20This popped onto my weixin just now – there’s a new player in town that goes by the name DDC – Dusk Dawn Club – and it’s looking to take a piece of the music scene pie. The latest Gulou venue located on Shanlao Hutong, a bit southeast of the Jiaodaoku/Dianmen intersection, has been in a soft opening phase for the past few weeks and they’re ready to kick things off with a bang this Friday with their official opening party – the DDC 1.0 Release Party. Love shiny new things, so I’m super curious to see what owner 69 (and what a name that is) has cooked up over for us over yonder. Best of luck. Here’s the lowdown:


Date: Friday July 25th

Ticket: 100RMB (door) / 80RMB (Presale, booking Tel 13131250380)

Venue: Dusk Dawn Club (DDC)

Add: Shanlao Hutong No. 14, Dongcheng District, Beijing


20:00 – 20:20 DDC Intro Video

20:30 – 21:00 Poetry Reading

2100 – 21:40 Haowei and Band (Electronic Rock)

21:45 – 22:15 Zhong Lifeng and Band (Indie Folk)

22:20 – 23:00 Kerman and Band (Xinjiang Flamenco)

23:05-23:45 Shanren (Yunnan Folk)

23:40 – 00:30 DJ Jeremy (Indie Rock, Post-Punk, New Wave)

LBM Exclusive: thruoutin/Noise Arcade Shanghai Tour

Shanghai Tour Title Card

Between shooting a festival and taking a month detour to Africa, a lot of material has been left on the backburner, fermenting, if you will. Back in April I had the opportunity to join local artists and buddy ol’ pals thruoutin and Noise Arcade as they pulled into Shanghai for a three-day stint in the city that never ceases to charm my pants off. It was a blast to say the least – full of some unique performances, welcoming hospitality, and debauchery of the highest order. Have a look –

Click below for my collection of stand-alone videos including a truly terrifying performance from noise artist Torturing Nurse, as well Noise666, Bedstars, Little Punk, and Hujiahuwei. Cheers Shanghai for tempting me again and again.


Upcoming: Temple 3 Year Anniversary


Geez, has it really been three years since Temple set up shop, solidifying itself as one of the town’s most infamous nightspots – a blackhole of disorder, questionable taste, unchecked temptation and the most uproarious late-evenings best left out of the history books. It’s the only place that I’ve actively tried to avoid time to time simply because I can’t trust it (or myself) there. Now that’s cred. And though Temple has lost one of its key members a couple months back, it hasn’t slowed down in the slightest, as evening after evening of music continues to fill the smoky den. So celebrate Temple’s 3 Year Anniversary this weekend with a four-night rollout of top notch performers, drink deals, lucky draws and I’m sure much much more. Quite out the lineup below – tickets are 50 RMB per night and kick off at 9pm. Shit’s about to get rowdy.

Thursday July 24th  (Heavy Rock Nite)

Seven Light Years, Los Crasher, Devils at the Crossroad

Friday July 25th (Punk Rock Nite)

The Diders, Hell City, Rolling Bowling

Saturday July 26th (Psycho Rock Nite)

Luv Plastik, The Big Wave, WHAI

Sunday July 27th (Funk Nite)

Groove Collective, Tavey Lean, & Solid Gold Machine

Mixtape of the Week

Real Time Gig Map