Weekend Update 07.22-07.24

wu 22-07-2016

Hope you folks were able to catch some waves these past couple days. Looks like we’re in the clear now and that can only mean one thing – weekend shenanigans galore. From DDC’s 2 Year Anniversary (which LiveBeijingMusic will be closing out this Sunday with a special showcase) to café album releases – there’s plenty to bite into this weekend so let’s get right into it. Here’s your weekend update…


New Releases: Sound and Fury, Qi Zitan, Run Groove Vol. 1, Liu Xinyu

nr 21-07-2016

A singer from Hangzhou to be reckon with, one the shoegaze scene’s finest examples out of Chengdu, a Beijing experimental artist makes ‘some dirty’ to J.S. Bach, and a collection of house tunes to kick start your weekend – it’s the freshest releases to ram shack your membrane including the latest from Qi Zitan, Sound and Fury, Liu Xinyu, and Run Music.


OTS: Parachutes of Fire, Wang Shengnan, The Blue Moon, The Forbidden Zone (DDC 28.05.2016)


The last gig I attended before my sabbatical back West, the evening doubled as a farewell to a dear couple from Shanghai, Adam and Ivy, who were the first people to ever give me a proper Shanghai experience. So yeah – drinks were flowing and memories were blurred as an eclectic lineup unfolded at DDC including visiting Shanghai alt folk outfit Parachutes on Fire, made up of the remnants of some of that city’s most well known bands (The Horde, Friend or Foe) who provided ample, jamtastic, rock and roll made with care and the support of flip-flops.

Love the progression of the song, and the psychedelic grooves that slowly emerge. The evening also saw the likes of indie pop songstress Wang Shengnan, who’s impressing more and more, The Blue Moon, who’s supple synth-heavy song deserves more love, and The Forbidden Zone, whose shifting and rotating cast of characters surprised and delighted me. Check out more pictures below.


MV Weekly: Guiguisuisui, Rolling Bowling, Bian Yuan

mv 20-07-2016

It’s another installment of ‘MV Weekly’ where we take a look at the latest moving pictures contribution to the music scene here in China. We’ve got a diverse batch of music videos to feast upon including the most nightmarish shopping channel ever courtesy of Guiguisuisui, a global trotting video for rockabilly kings Rolling Bowling’s latest, and a Smiths cover from Joyside alum Bian Yuan.


Interview: Howie Lee

Interview conducted by Michael Cupoli
Howie Lee is an important part of the DIY scene in Guangzhou. As a guitarist, Howie is a member of the amazing indie rock band called yourboyfriendsucks! and the hardcore band Die!ChiwawaDie!. yourboyfriendsucks! just released an EP entitled Episode 1 and did a small tour of China to support the release. In addition to playing in bands, Howie part of the collective Qiii Snacks Records, which acts as both a record label and a show organizer, and is also one of the writers for the indie zine 慢慢谂ManManThink.


Mixtape of the Week


Real Time Gig Map