Weekend Update 06.05-08.05

wu 06-05-2016

If you haven’t noticed, summer is just around the corner boys and girls. Tis the season for eating gratuitous amounts of chuan’er on a stoop, for letting that stomach hang out low and proud, for indulging yourself with every rooftop opening across town with only the hippest kids in Gulou. Or as I let to do, lose a few kilos, sweating it out at gig after gig. No better way to get to fit into that speedo come July. Here’s your weekend update – and as always dig into LiveBeijingMusic’s calendar for more.


In Pictures: Dangerous New Sounds Vol. 1 (Temple 21.04.2016)


Live Beijing Music returned to Temple last month for their latest series, New Dangerous Sounds, which looks to shine a light on some of the new emerging acts around town. Our first installment find some mightily fresh talent, including fresh faced emo rock outfit Out to Sea, made up of electrical engineering students from the north of Beijing – lots of Midwest emo rock tones – closer in tone to intricate, ruffian sounds of American Football (the band cites Chinese Football as an influence so there you go). Also on the bill were Tag, whose indie rock stylings jump from genre to genre, but nevertheless showcased some raw, committed performances from everyone in the band, particularly their frontman , who laid it all on the table each and every song. Expect to see these cats on another LBM bill soon enough. Finally, it wouldn’t be a Thursday night without the krautrock, psychedelic intensity of the instrumental rock duo Comp Collider, whose sound attracted ruffians of all ilk, including a few regular groupies, including Dan Taylor and Dizzy Di. Dangerous indeed — check out more pictures of the musical shenanigans below.


Upcoming: Seippelabel x LiveBeijingMusic (Old What? 21.05.2016)

Seippelabel what bar 21 black copy

Emerging cross-national label Seippelabel joins forces with Live Beijing Music for a celebratory evening of offbeat sounds, electronic wizardry, and transcendent soundscapes at one of Beijing’s longest living strongholds in the music scene – the Old What? Bar. Seippelabel, the label founded by local musician Brad Seippel, shines a light on the diverse sounds found in Beijing and beyond, as evident in the their latest just released installment whose sounds reach as far as the UK – check out their full catalog here. On Saturday, May 21st, they’ll join LiveBeijingMusic for some summer festivities at the Forbidden City hole in the wall as well as one of the scene’s most underrated gems, the Old What?, will host four diverse potent acts. First up, the electronic MVP of Beijing, a wizard synth maker, programmer, and soundsmith, Mengqi, brings his bag of audio tricks. Next up, emerging indietronica duo Nocturnes, made up of vocalist Leslie and electronic producer David Carey, bring their lush, sensual tunes for a spin while post rock crusaders She Never Sings Our Songs (SNSOS), whose presence has duly been noted since their emergence last year, present their elegant, enveloping soundscapes. And finally, Seippelabel head houcho thruoutin, one of the scene’s busiest electronic producers out there, performs his blend of Chinese-infused instrumentation and intricate electronica. Intoxicating sounds on a fine summer evening, with chuan’r and roadside beers – it’s a show you don’t want to miss!


What: Seippelable x LiveBeijingMusic present

When: Saturday, May 21st 9pm-12pm

Ticket: 30/40 RMB (presale/door)

Where: Old What? Bar (72 Beichang St, Xicheng)








Add LiveBeijingMusic on wechat (QR code below), leave your name and get presale price at the door.


In Pictures: Destroyer (Canada), Uncle Hu (Yugong Yishan 16.04.2016)


Split Works continued their crusade of discovering what indie rock flavors are in demand in China last month as they invited Canadian indie rock favorites Destroyer, fronted by singer-songwriter Dan Bejar. I’ve been a huge fan of Bejar since his days of playing with The New Pornographers, a band that had a big influence on me during my formative early college years (and in my opinion wrote that band’s best material). So, while I’ve all but outgrown The New Pornographers, I found myself drawn to Dan Bejar’s Destroyer, which put Bejar’s songwriting abilities front and center, and in many ways feels like a more mature evolution of what he brought to The New Pornographers. So yeah, I had a friggin ball when I heard Destroyer was coming to Beijing and they did not disappoint. Tight, refined, enveloping pop songs embodied with wit and personality. Supporting duties were handed to Uncle Hu, a Beijing based (via Chengdu) folk act whose singer’s voice bares a striking resemblance to Elliot Smith, minus the debilitating angst and insecurity. And while it couldn’t quite match what Destroyer brought to the table, I’m expecting good things from the band, who just recently signed to D-Force Records. Check out more pictures below.


MV Weekly: Alpine Decline, Orchestra of Spheres, Howie Lee

mv 01-05-2016

Time to soak in the last of the Labour Day holiday here in China and prepare for the work week ahead — and no better way than to have a peek at some of the newest music videos to be causing a stir including the latest from Alpine Decline, Howie Lee, as well as a tour video from New Zealand outfit Orchestra of Spheres.



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