Weekend Update (24/10-26/10)

wu 25-10-2014

Hip hop, electronic brainteasers, music awards, and plenty ol’ punk —- oh my goodness is this a packed weekend and a half. It’s mind boggling just how many different bands across so many different genres are getting out there and making it happen. Do yourself a favor – don’t be a wimp. Stuck it up, bear the cold, don a coat and get out there and listen to something. If only to please the evil smog monster. He’s being extra grumps this week. Oh, and as always check out the calendar for more.


New Releases: Mercader, SPICE, Sinotronics Compilation, Islet

nr 24-10-2014

To quote a comment I saw on facebook regarding a certain article by The Guardian – ‘Rock n Roll Belong to Everyone’ – and it’s about time people start recognizing the big noises coming out of China – and not just the Beijing and Shanghai bubbles – but far and beyond. Here’s a trio of bands hailing out Hangzhou, Guangzhou, and Xiamen that are doing interesting things and making names for themselves – including psychedelic electronic rockers SPICE, post punk outfit Marcader, and math rock outfit Islet. Plus, we take a look at electronic label Sinotronics first official releases – a international compilation album that makes it’s way all the way to New Delhi. Hells to the yes. Check it.


Shoutout: The Sound Stage Music Awards


Fellow videographer and LBM friend Jonathan Alpart brings his much praised Sound Stage to the Hit FM Live (that’s the 3rd floor of Tango for you noobs) for the Sound Stage Music Awards – a rock star studded affair that looks to honor some of the years sharpest talent as well as give way for some of Jonathan’s favorite bands to hit the big stage, including Hedgehog (my album of the year at this point), Residence A (one the scenes most committed bands) and a couple newbies for me – sludge metal outfit Never Before and indie poppers Poshangcun. I’m ready to cast my ballot so let’s take a look at the nominees. I’ve promised to take a shot for every correct answer I get, so my liver lies in your hands Mr. Alpart. Click here to see the lineup over at CRI’s website (and catch up on some Sound Stage) and cast your vote for the last five categories here.

What: The 2nd Sound Stage Awards

Where: FM Hit Live (Tango) 7:30pm

Tickets: 100/120 RMB

Check out my picks belowwwww….


OTS: THEESATISFACTION, We Are Wolves (DDC 16.09.2014)

theesatisfaction pic

I’ve known Manchester Mike for a good four plus years now. Back in my early days, he and his brother were my select comrades for checking out music. And while their methods weren’t always in line – heckling Yantiao at one of their D-22 gigs, toying with Residence A’s soundboard at Mao Livehouse, and stealing the mic from Reflector frontman Li Peng at a packed Strawberry Festival and rambling in front of thousands – there is no denying the love behind his antics. A liability, an entity, a wrecking ball, a clown, and a class act – without further a due – this is what happens when you allow Manchester Mike to interview.


I almost want to ask him to do it again. Enjoy the rest of the videos from Split Works’ first outing of the fall season – the double whammy of soul trio THEESATISFACTION, out of Seattle, and dance punk trio We Are Wolves, out of Montreal – neither of whom I had heard prior, but nevertheless absolutely killed it at DDC.


Upcoming: Beijing Drunk Fest


I remember when I first met Shanzhai Laowai back at School earlier this year – camera in hand, standing like a fortress of solitude, taking in Dr. Liu & The Human Centipede’s set. I was god smacked – while my body was getting tossed like a rag doll whilst trying to film, Mr. Cool Ghoul did not budge once. Literally commanded respect up front, commanded respect for the film form – something I’ve only maintained in small patches. One of the punk scene’s last genuine soldiers, Darryl Pestilence lays it all out there. So when late this summer, rumblings of a DIY fest to be created in retaliation against the increasingly commercialized (and predictably so) Beijing Punk Festival, I knew Darryl wasn’t gonna let this one lay dormant, and was gonna go the extra yard to get it done. And here we are two months later – the first annual Beijing Drunk Fest is a free, all-day punk platform being held out in punk’s home away from home, DMC, out in Tangzhou. 11 bands. Ten hours. Cheap drinks. And just about every offshoot of punk – garage, street, ska, noise, hardcore, old school – if it’s punk it’s on the bill. And best of all, seems to be a showcase for punk’s emerging talent rather than the old guard, something Darryl fought for. Kudos. Check out the entire lineup below and pop over to The Sound Stage to listen to an interview with the man himself as well as some choice punk cuts.

Ticket: FREE

Where: DMC, Tangzhou

When: 12 pm Saturday October 25th


The Flyx, Shochu Legion, Bastards of Imperialism, Diseased Fruit,

The Diders, Hoyodajiwa, Guiguisuisui, Bedstars, End of the World, Demerit


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