In Pictures: Limousine (Harley’s Bar 15.09.2016)


I ventured over China’s sexier more fit sister, Shanghai, to cover Split Works’ Concrete and Grass festival as well as check up with old faces. And while a typhoon threatened to ruin all the fun, I manage to check out some old local favorites the eve before the festival including the new (and improved?) Inferno as well as Harley’s Bar. And while my memory of my time at Harley’s is pretty blurry (I blame the bar at the Tim Burton exhibition) I did manage to snap some pictures of the headlining band, the multinational hard alt rock outfit Limousine who were releasing their latest EP, Hot Pursuit. And while neither my compatriots nor myself were entirely impressed, the band’s performance was lively and rock hard – and fans of crunchy guitar and power cords in their old school rock and roll will have a ball with their EP – available on bandcamp. More surly shot pictures below.


LBM Mixtape No. 105



Dirty Fingers – 猴子王 (performs at School 9/29, Temple 9/30) 

Me Guan Me – 水说 (performs at School 10/1) 

AV Okubo – 破浪潮 (performs at Yugong Yishan 10/6) 

OOC – I’ll Never Be (performs at DDC 10/4) 

Early Bus – 新疆 (performs at Yue Space 9/30) 

Poshangcun – 泼水节 (performs at Yugong Yishan 10/6

MV Weekly: AV Okubo, Elenore, Chengdu Underground Vibes


A modern day opium addict in Wuhan’s AV Okubo’s latest, a video-game inspired rock ballad from Beijing indie rockers Elenore, and a in-depth look at Chengdu’s bubbling underground electronic music scene. It’s the latest batch of music videos to get you through the day. Have at it!


In Pictures: Secret Club, Pacalolo (Yue Space 10.09.2016)


In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new player in town. Located just south east of the Beixinqiao intersection, is Yue Space, a new venue kickstarted by the music crowdfunding platform Musikid, whose offices reside in the same complex (a very intriguing complex occupied by art studios, rice wine bars, and chic hedge fund office playground). It’s a really nice place. Can hold between three hundred and four hundred peeps, has a nifty gallery space in the back as well as a vinyl shop, featuring some really regretful bands and artists of yesteryears. And shelves full of music and art related books for sale as well as a very reasonable bar. And the whole place reeked of fresh IKEA wood. But besides that, I’m pretty excited to see a very hands-on music company try their hand at the whole gig business. Earlier this month, I stopped by during the venue’s soft opening phase as they hosted britpoppers Secret Club and the lively sassy electro rock outfit Pacalolo. It was a modest event – the sound was still be tinkled with; the crowd was sparse – but nevertheless it was nice to see some old faces giving genuine, tender, and in the case of Pacalolo, who manage to still surprise when I get a chance to catch them, riotous performances. But really, tonight was all about the Yue Space and they did not disappoint More pictures below.


Weekend Update 这周末 23/09-25/09


Got your fill of mooncake? Enjoying the brisk temperatures as autumn makes its all-too-soon demise? Well at least the music scene’s heating up as September rolls out with new venues to indulge in, visiting punk legends to mosh with, and cafeteria gigs (hells to the yes!) to start a food fight in. Whatever you fancy it’s out there. Here’s your weekend gig guide.


Mixtape of the Week


Real Time Gig Map