In Pictures: Jingweir Issue 3 Release Party


Playing a little catch up with vids here, so been donning photographer mode more often in the past couple weeks – my first assignment – checking out the latest issue release from the good folks behind Jingweir, the local indie music fanzine that’s been xeroxing DIY ethos for some time now. And as usual at the Old What? Bar, perhaps Beijing’s most underrated venue, it turned in a lovely smorgasbord of good times – jinjiu, sidewalk shenanigans, areca nuts chew-offs, and more Child’s Play. Have a look – and give a listen to Dee‘s set below.


MV Monday: CNdY, jfever + TOKILL, Mr. Graceless, Heat Mark

mv 27-07-14

It’s Monday and I’m feeling like a billion bucks, and after digesting this collection of visual goods, eager to get the camera out again. Just loving what people are cooking up these days. Here’s the latest video cuts from CNdY, jfever and TOKILL, Mr. Graceless, and our first taste of LBM’s June showcase from Shanzhai Laowai. Tasty.


LBM Exclusive: 2014 Dansheng Music Festival


This past May after going through the motions with Strawberry and MIDI, I had the pleasure of taking the train up to Dalian, where Han Linlin and Xie Yugang from Echo Books & Coffee, plus other musicians from local bands Wang Wen, Doc Talk Shock and Which Park had organized a very cool, very music-oriented, very audience-friendly – basically everything that Strawberry and MIDI lacks – festival that I went absolutely gaga for – Dansheng Music Festival. And wouldn’t you have it – we shot the hell out of it. Some of the most fun I’ve had shooting with an exceptional team of nimrods, fishmongers, necromancers, and filmmakers – including Hannes Bloomaert, David Mondin, Gramae Nicol, as well as our merry host, Dann Gaymer. And though we plan on eventually pillaging through all the material, and editing together a short documentary on the event and people behind it (does kickstarter fund three hundred dollar projects?), here’s a taste of what went down. Enjoy!!

Bands included: Hiperson (Chengdu), Proximity Butterfly (Chengdu), Alpine Decline, Which Park (Dalian), Doc Talk Shock (Dalian), Sonic Deadhorse (Taiwan), Duck Fight Goose (Shanghai), The Dyne, Glow Curve, Lure —— just try getting a lineup that good. Expect to see a lot more from those Prism Production cats – they’re hot. Oh, and if you’re interested, the team behind Dansheng Music Festival will be throwing another bash at the end of August. Did I mention Dalian is beautiful this time of year?

Weekend Update (24/07-27/07)

wu 24-07-2014

Celebrations, openings, Shanghai invaders – a lot of happenings about town this weekend to sink your teeth into so no reason to sit on your ass this weekend discussing how much of a dick Putin is, where your student loans magically disappeared to, or god forbid is it inhumane to walk your crab. Screw that noise with noise of a different ilk. Onwards! Oh, and as always hit up the calendar for the rest of the weekend festivities.


New Releases: Sucker, The Machinery of Other Skeletons, Daydreamer, TOKILL & Jfever

nr 23-07-2014

Time to jump around a bit for this week’s newest releases – punk from Xian, death metal and melodic indie pop outta Shanghai and experimental hip hop from all the way down in Kunming (via Beijing and Taiwan). Yup, an eclectic offering this week so let’s get right into it – here’s the latest from Sucker, The Machinery of Other Skeletons, Daydreamer, and a collaboration between TOKILL and Jfever. Get at it.



Mixtape of the Week

Real Time Gig Map