Weekend Update (25/4-27/4)

wu banner 25-04-2014

As we inch toward May Madness – the weather about to stumble into full blown summer heat (sigh) – it’s time in get in your last licks of cool spring air. Cassette releases, Happy Birthday to Beijing’s new leader in rock and roll, and the second installment of X-Nights Festival – yeah, we’ll be doing just fine. Jump over the calendar for more.

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New Releases: The Fallacy, Colorful Z-bra, Liquid Oxygen Can, Parallel Pyres

nr 24-04-2014 big

Damn Gina! First Hedgehog, now this! Some unexpected surprises this week for sure and further evidence that China’s second and third tier cities are on the rise musically as Xinxiang post punk outfit The Fallacy release their latest, Xi’an noise rock group Colorful Z-bra unleash their debut upon the masses. On top of that double whammy we have the latest EP from nu metalheads Liquid Oxygen Can and new material from electronic artist Parallel Pyres. Dig in!

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Upcoming: 2014 China Music Valley Festival


The festivals just keep coming – with already MIDI and Strawberry facing off against each other is there ever a chance for another one to squeeze in between. Well, it looks like the 2014 China Music Valley Festival is doing just that – situated out in Pinggu at the Yuyang Ski Resort, the three day festival has opted out of any international names and instead are going after China’s old guard – Black Panther, Paradise, The Face, and friggin Tang Dynasty. Mix that old with a slew of pop stars and it looks like the organizers are after the families, whose parents still remember the good ol’ days but are too wimpified to stick it out with the youngins further in. No shame there – Yangyu is a pretty nice area as well and it looks like the bus service will be convenient (three bus points – Dongzhimen, BLCU, Beitucheng) so there’s always a chance China Music Valley could be the dark horse this year. Buttttt, then again, likely not. Grab your tickets and find the bus schedule over here and check out the complete lineup below.

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Upcoming: W.O.A. 2014 Metal Battle


Before I get all you metalheads excited to bask and marinate in sweet sweet metal heaven this weekend – know this – the 2014 Wacken Metal Battle will not be happening in Beijing this year. Instead the metal competition which pits metal bands against one another for the grand prize of heading to Germany’s Wacken Festival this summer will be held in cozy riverside city of Zhenjiang (that’s between Nanjing and Shanghai). As much as that sucks for us Beijingers, I’m happy the festival is getting a proper outdoor setting and that audiences from elsewhere in China will be getting the chance to see how far metal has come. Remember last year, Nine Treasures took home the prize and received quite high praise at Wacken later that summer, so I’m curious to see who’ll take home the prize this year – I’m hoping Nuclear Fusion G gets some loving. Winners will be announced on April 26th so keep your eyes peeled. And if you get a chance throw your vote in here for your metal band. Here’s the 16 contenders:

Before The Daylight


Seven Light Years

Ready To Die

Never Before

Nuclear Fusion G

Skeletal Augury

From The Red

Silent Resentment

Eternal Wings

Saving Molly

Heavy Duty

Four Five



Virus Base

New Releases: Hedgehog – Phantom Pop Star

Shanghai wrecked me folks so no Monday videos to get us through the day – however, I’ve got something even better – the latest album from noise pop trio Hedgehog in all its glory – and boy does it hit the spot.

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Mixtape of the Week

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